What is DUST 514?

While in the shadows of the upcoming next-gen storm, players are looking for new and deeper experiences than the everyday Halo or Call of Duty shooter clones. The most recent answer to this FPS boredom is an ambitious shooter named DUST 514.




A massive EVE Online space battle featuring thousands of players at once.

At first glance, this title looks to be a lack-luster Crysis – Halo clone of a shooter that is filled with futuristic tech and unpronounceable names. In truth, this could quite possibly be the deepest and most complex FPS game on the market today. The core of the game is a tactical FPS much like the Battlefield series. This means that the game’s reward system is geared towards having players get into squads to achieve the battle mode’s goals. These goals are where the current FPS similarities end however. The game is in fact a Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) that is directly tied to a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) called EVE Online. EVE Online has a player database on the PC that is 10 years deep and is still very active. This is due in part to the fact that the game’s story is driven by the players within it. The decisions of the players define the actions and goals of the factions that the game hosts. The result is a game with players that are dedicated and invested.

DUST 514 on the other hand is a new game that looks to play out the battles that EVE Online was not built to play out. With DUST 514 released, the interaction looks to be on an epic scale. Throughout the thousands of planets within reach of EVE Online and DUST 514 players, there are incredible opportunities to have 24v24 online FPS battles acting out the military skirmishes that EVE Online could not do. Instead, players in EVE Online can assist their troops by bombing the battlefield from above. On the flip side, the DUST 514 players can erect defenses to attack the spacecraft above.

DUST 514 Screenshot (8)

Sound complex? Well, it is at first glance. The beauty of it is that the game is structured to allow you to only get in as deep as you want to. If all you want is a different and meaningful alternative your standard FPS games, then you can certainly pop in and assist on a random battle from time to time. No need for the planning, tactics, and so forth. Still, if you decide later on that you want to jump in the deep in, there is certainly plenty of depth to be found in the realm of choices and possibilities. There are countless weapons, vehicles, boosts, skills, suits, and so forth to customize your player/merc to how you choose to play.

What makes this game model great is that all of the updates and changes to the game are free to download and experience without having to pay. Since the game is constantly evolving and changing, the developers are always working on something to change or enhance the gameplay.


Becoming a seasoned vet will certainly take some time. Good thing it is free! So go and try it out on the Sony Playstation Network.



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