September 5th, 2013

GeekSwagg Podcast Episode 2 – Next Gen Decisions by Bjheedmag on Mixcloud


Jason and I may be ‘casual’ gamers by definition but we are definitely on the borderline of what is considered ‘hardcore’. As E3 2013 was about to get underway, rumors about the next gen hardware from Sony and Microsoft were all over the internet. Early on, Microsoft had a bunch of extremely questionable policies that they were trying to ‘enforce’ on their new Xbox One endeavor. As they were revealed, Jason was certain of Microsoft’s demise and quickly wrote them off as he made his PS4 pre-order. I assured him that all was not lost in the world of next-gen Microsoft and for him to wait and see.
Since then, Microsoft has done just as I said and renigged. While the choice between the two systems is by no means equal (Sony is more gamer focused while Microsoft is multitasking focused), it is always good to be informed. Just as always, Jason and I are here to give you a close look at the two systems and what has been announced and confirmed between the two systems.


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