Infinity Ward has some big shoes to fill with this latest edition of Call of Duty Ghosts. Treyarch developed Black Ops 2 and provided a dynamic single player mode along with a wicked multiplayer experience that shed the bad taste of Modern Warfare 3. Still, with the ascension of Battlefield 3 and the constant challenge of Halo, Black Ops 2 managed to stake its claim as one of the best FPS games since the epic Modern Warfare 2 version. So, now that gamers have more to choose from and are actually feeling that the genre may become stale, what is in store for CoD Ghosts?


Infinity Ward aparently has taken the time to overhaul their entire multiplayer game engine. The animations, the sound, the feel, the look, and even the streaks, weapons, and perks provided are tweaked and different. One particular addition is the creation of a new weapon class. There is now a class called Marksman with rifles that are semi auto and single shot. To use them effectively requires skill and each can be fitted with sniper powered scopes to allow for sniping when the fire mode is changed. While this isn’t a HUGE change, it certainly is a modest addition that core CoD players will appreciate. There are even dynamic maps where traps or map  changing packages found and used to gain the advantage. In a way, all of this means that the maps are going to be a bit more destructible and interactive than before.

Where a majority of the overhaul is in a portion of the multiplayer called Squads. Rather than dealing with a number of prestige levels, you manage multiple ‘soldiers’ and multiple loadouts for each of them. Everything from the headgear, gender, and more are customizable for each soldier. The catch is that each of the soldiers (up to a max of 10) can be used in various multiplayer modes within a mode called Squads. In these modes, each of these customizable soldiers become AI that are used both online and offline to gain XP that can be applied throughout the multiplayer mode. Each of the modes can be played against the CPU AI, against another player and his squad, co-op with friends against AI, or against an offline player’s AI squad.