NBA Live 14 is back and everyone is curious to know what is going to differentiate them from the 2K series and their recent dominance of the NBA sim genre. Recently on the EA Sports blog, the Ultimate Team Mode was announced.


Explained to work about the same as the Madden Ultimate Team Mode, you essentially are given coins and points for virtually everything that you do in-game. These coins are then allocated to allow you to unlock draft classes and individual players which Live is calling NBA alumni. As you build your team, you are allowed to play your fantasy Ultimate Team online against others’ teams as well as in a fantasy showdowns and more. As the season goes along, Live will provide jerseys, coaches, arenas, and more to unlock as well.

This formula has been used with relative success in the Madden series for years in a similar fashion. We’ll see how this feature works out come November 19th when NBA Live 14 is released to the masses on Xbox One and Playstation 4.