Singer/songwriter B. Smyth got his start as one of millions of teenagers uploading YouTube videos of himself covering other artists’ songs. Beginning in 2011, while just 17 years old, Smyth uploaded his versions of songs by Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Frank Ocean, and other established hip-hop and R&B stars. Soon, got hip to his talent and some of his videos went viral and were being re-posted by various media sources. His smooth style drew comparisons to more seasoned artists like Chris Brown and Usher, and before long his impressive video view counts had the teen performing at various talent showcases, eventually landing a deal with Motown in 2012. His debut single for the label, “Leggo” (featuring 2 Chainz), dropped later that year and quickly began racking up millions of video views. More recently he released his single & visuals for “Win, Win” (featuring Future) and just dropped a new single “Twerkoholic”! Heed had the chance to catch up with the R&B singer, check it out!

Heed Magazine: How are you man?

B. Smyth: I’m good man, I can’t complain.

Heed Magazine: Thanks for giving us this time! I wanted to chat with you about your new music and some of the other things you have going on. Can you tell me a little about your music and what inspired you to want to do music?

B. Smyth: Well, I started about three years ago. I basically got my start on youtube. Prior to that, I was more into sports but once I got into high school I developed a passion for music. I always loved music but I, nobody really knew I could sing. Once I got into high school, I kind of just went for it and from there I started doing youtube and I was able to build a buzz basically over the internet. From there I started going to label showcases and I ended up signing with Motown almost a year ago. I put out my first single “Leggo” with 2 Chainz and it’s been a journey ever since. I’ve been on the road a lot doing shows, I’ve opened up for Trey Songz and Miguel on a couple of dates. Up until now, we recently released my first EP! It’s called “The Florida Files” and it’s exclusively in Best Buy and iTunes right now.

Heed Magazine: What makes you different from every other R&B artist out right now?

B. Smyth: I think for the most part my music and my sound. I definitely take inspiration from my predecessors but for the most part, I’m here to do my own thing and my work is going to speak for itself.

Heed Magazine: So, who are some of your musical inspirations?

B. Smyth: Umm, I would definitely say artists like Michael Jackson, that whole Motown era! And definitely new cats today like Chris Brown or Usher or Trey or Miguel. I try to take inspiration from all of those guys.

Heed Magazine: When are you planning to come out with the full length album?

B. Smyth: I’m thinking we’re shooting for next year. At the top of the year we’re going to put out another single and more visuals. 

Heed Magazine: If you could have any artist on the album as a feature, who would you have?

B. Smyth: I like Jhene Aiko…But, I kind of for the most part want to establish myself, and make sure people get who I am rather than just always rely on a feature to spark someones attention.

Heed Magazine: We spoke with Harmony Samuels recently, and told him that we were interviewing you and he had nothing but incredible things to say.

B. Smyth: Yeah, that’s my big homie. He actually produced “Leggo”. I love working with him man.

Heed Magazine: What is one of your all time favorite songs?

B. Smyth: My all time favorite song?

Heed Magazine: Yes.

B. Smyth: One of my favorite songs is probably Michael Jackson’s “Heartbreak Hotel”. That’s one of my favorite songs right there!

Heed Magazine: Why is that your favorite song?

B. Smyth: I just love how it’s composed. The instruments in it, the music to it. Everything about it.

Heed Magazine: So, what’s next for you?

B. Smyth: I eventually want to try to do it all. I want to build something that’s going to be a legacy and live on. So, I definitely want to branch out and do movies, get into acting and pretty much anything I can get into. For the most part my main focus now is the music. But I plan on venturing out and trying new things.

Heed Magazine: If you could give an up and coming entertainer any advice what would it be?

B. Smyth: I always say that anybody’s that’s trying to come up, keep sight of what you want. A lot of times we set goals for ourselves and then we get sidetracked and we lose sight of the bigger picture and lose sight for what we initially wanted. So just make sure you don’t lose sight of that and  just believe in what you’re doing 100%! Make sure that whatever you’re doing that you stand by it!

Heed Magazine: What are some things you “take heed” to?

B. Smyth: One thing that I like to take heed to is advice. Sometimes we get kind of consumed in our own hype sometimes. So, I like to just take heed to humbling advice and just people that have been here before me. I don’t feel like I know it all, you know I’m still learning…we all can learn.

Heed Magazine: Anything else you want to share with us?

B. Smyth: Go get that EP on iTunes and exclusively at Best Buy! Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! I appreciate ya’ll for having me.

Be sure to get your copy of B. Smyth’s EP “The Florida Files”!


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