HeedMag GeekSwagg Episode 6 – Part 1 – CoD vs. Battlefield by Bjheedmag on Mixcloud

(blazin’ intro music: “Valley Of Doom” by Random from TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³), released 14 June 2011produced by DN3. contains elements of “Valley Of Doom” by Bear McCreary (DarkVoid)

In episode 6, BJ “Bunneh3000” and Jason “DirtyHelmet” take a close look at two of the most popular military first person shooters on the market. Call of Duty Ghosts has since come out since we recorded this episode and supposedly sold $1 billion. It was later revealed that Infinity Ward sold that many copies to retailers and that the numbers were not reflective of actual consumer sales.

Many of those who’ve played the game haven’t necessarily said that it was bad but have definitely expressed their displeasure in how mediocre the final effort is.

Nonetheless, Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet recall how Infinity Ward took a World War II focused military shooter from being a decent PC game to one of the highest selling franchises in video game history. With over 170 million copies sold even before the next gen totals are considered, this franchise, produced by gaming mecca Activision, will certainly stay around in the years to come.

HeedMag GeekSwagg Podcast Episode 6 – Part 2 – CoD vs. Battlefield by Bjheedmag on Mixcloud

 In part 2 of this mega GeekSwagg episode, Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet cover the apparent challenger to Call of Duty’s military shooter throne. While the Battlefield franchise is not anywhere near the epic sales numbers that Call of Duty has reached, the last couple of sequels for both the console and the PC platforms have performed extraordinarily well.

Your geeks supreme dig into what has made Battlefield so unique in the whole first person shooter genre. Unfortunately, the splendor that is Battlefield 4 has been marred by a spotty launch. With server problems galore and game breaking glitches, players have grown increasingly frustrated with the problems.


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