As usual, Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, but Christmas advertisements are already running in preparation for the holidays. Tis’ the season to be jolly while purchasing your loved ones’ gifts, however,  most of us (especially last minute shoppers) lose the spirit of giving when fretting about what to get, even more so when on a budget. The gaming life can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be a wallet draining experience if you have a gamer(s) in your life and aren’t sure what will make them happy.  Here are 5 great gifts for $100 and under  to help you ease your shopper’s anxiety:


Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 headset $60-$65


Turtle Beach Headset


Most “social” gamers are content with just being able to talk to their friends through a $20 chat headset, but they usually provide a mediocre gaming experience as far as sound is concerned. The Turtle Beach Ear Force X 12 headset not only allows you to talk to your friends (or talk smack to your enemies) clearly, but the sound is phenomenal. There’s a small control “panel” integrated into the headset wire, that allows you to modify how loud you want to hear your in-game environment or listen to your friends above the sound effects, along with the traditional mute button. If you want quality and comfort without stressing your wallet, this headset is the way to go!


E-Blue Mazer 2500 DPI Blue LED 2.4 Hgz Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse $25

E-Blue Mazer 2500 DPI Blue LED 2.4 Hgz Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse


More often than not, “non-gamers” picture a gamer as someone sitting in front of a console, but some of the most zealous gamers are behind the monitor of a PC. If your gamer is serious about winning in multi-player matches, accuracy when using a mouse can make the difference between victory and defeat. The E-Blue Mazer 2500  would catch anyone’s attention with it’s beautiful blue light display, outlining the mouse. If your gamer is nocturnal,  the optional blue lighting  (controlled by a switch), will help them see exactly where the mouse is at all times. The design of the E-Blue Mazer 2500 allows comfort for even the biggest of hands and there are two convenient buttons on the side, that work conveniently as a back and forward button when browsing the internet.


A Subscription Card For Their Console (Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus) $50- $60


PS Plus or Xbox Live Subscription


A subscription card for your gamer’s favorite console, whether it is for their Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, makes a great stocking stuffer. Why would someone need a subscription card? Xbox Live Gold affords one Xbox 360 account to play online with their friends and use apps that require internet (ex: Netflix) via a stable connection for one year. Recently, Microsoft announced that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will receive two free games a month, much like Playstation Plus but unlike PS Plus, will be playable even after the subscription ends. If a Xbox One purchase is in the plans this November, the subscription will release an expansion on the current roster of benefits including all users/gamertags on a single console are able to utilize features for Xbox Live Gold (instead of having to pay $60 bucks a year for each user) such as streaming services, Skype, OneGuide and Game DVR.

Online play is free with your Playstation 3, but at a $50 price tag (a year) , Playstation Plus offers several free games from it’s past as well as current consoles (such as PS One and PSVita) that vary each month, priority access to new content, discounts on most games, set up your PS3 for automatic updates and your game data/saves can be stored to it’s Cloud, just in case you lose/break your console. When it comes to the Playstation 4, the same subscription can be used, however, in order to play multi-player online, Sony’s new policy is that you will need a PS Plus subscription for the PS4. However unlike Xbox consoles, if your subscription runs out, you’ll still be able to use the basic internet required apps for free.


X – Rocker V Rocker SE Wireless Gaming Chair – $95

X – Rocker V Rocker SE Wireless Gaming Chair

Most quality gaming chairs, will cost you upwards of $130, Amazon has a real gem for just under $100. The X – Rocker is a solid buy for someone looking to kickback and enjoy wasting time away gaming! Featuring two color schemes ( blue/black and red/black), full back support, an ergonomic design that helps you “feel” the sound, wireless transmission and two forward facing speakers with a strong subwoofer, the X- Rocker is part of any gamer’s dream when it comes down to functionality. The side panel gives you full control of volume, bass control, input/output jacks (in case you prefer to wire it) and a headphone jack to plug in your headset.


Buy A Gift Card/Certificate From Their Favorite Game Shop


Game Stop Gift card

Some may call this the easy way out, but this option is best if you have a picky gamer on your hands or a one that has everything. Who wants to see a disappointed face when you’ve spent time and money picking out a gift? With a $100 gift card from GameStop/Game/ EB Games, they have the potential to rake in 2 to 6 games (depending on if your gamer doesn’t mind used games) for just about any current gen consoles (including handhelds) or a few game accessories. For exclusively PC gamers, a $100 Steam card at the right “Steam Sale” could furnish months of gaming to keep your loved one busy!