Call me crazy but…most would imagine becoming a Grammy winning songwriter by the age of 25 would serve as the peak of an artists career – however that’s not the case for rising R&B star Sevyn Streeter. Having penned some of the biggest tracks for musics elite (Ariana Grande, Brandy, Alicia Keys) Sevyn has grown up in the business with the help of mentor and fellow R&B star Chris Brown. Now the songstress has decided to save the hit records for her solo career, with her debut EP ‘Call Me Crazy But…’ which dropped December 5th. The EP’s lead single “It Won’t Stop” has already garnered 8 million views on Youtube, and has flown to the top of the Billboard R&B charts. With the EP garnering praise from critics and fans alike, Streeter shows no sign of slowing down as she’s currently heavy in promo rounds to ensure the EP’s success. Sevyn gave exclusive insight on her sultry debut, explaining her tireless recording process and personal thoughts behind each emotional track.The songstress described her debut saying, “It’s a seven song EP, talking about the cycle of a relationship: The goods, the bads, the ups and downs, the ugly, the all of it. The good times when you are in love and the bad times when you want to cuss out who you with. It goes ALL through it.”

From the curiosity of a budding relationship, to not showing your lover that you might be a little crazy, Sevyn succeeds with her relatability to those who’ve experienced the ups and downs of a passionate relationship. And don’t worry fellas, because the EP isn’t entirely dedicated to male bashing and pointing fingers- she also shows off her sexy side and the feeling of wanting that old thing back.

Find out her comments on each track, and Heed’s personal score of Sevyn’s debut EP below!

1. Come On Over

Produced By: Dernst “D’Mile” Emile

“The first record on the Ep is called Come On Over. It’s basically just talking about the beginning of a relationship, it’s the part where you know you are into this person but you are really curious…and you say I won’t have to wonder if you come on over.”  | Heed Grade: 4/5

2. It Won’t Stop

Produced By: Diplo, Free School & Picard Brothers

“In comes his voice, and I lost it. I had a heart attack!” Sevyn said about hearing Chris’ verse for the first time. “The success of the record has been overwhelming, and it’s pretty self explanatory.” Record executive LaRonn Harris adds, “This is her first number one… I am extremely proud of her. She has been a soldier. She got into the field with me, went into some rough spots no security and now she got her first number one.” | Heed Grade: 5/5

3. Sex On The Ceiling

Produced By: Da Internz

“After you realize you fell for the person, and a lot of times for women once you occupy our hearts then comes our bodies. At least that’s how I work… The next record is self explanatory. It’s called Sex On The Ceiling. I mean you got my heart and it won’t stop so now it’s time to get it pop, POP, POPPING!” | Heed Grade: 4/5

4. Call Me Crazy

Produced By: Taylor Parks

“Next in the story, it’s like once you gave him your heart and it won’t stop and you gave him your body and you had sex on the ceiling, sometimes I feel like men get a little comfortable after we do that and so we have to remind them you not with that sharing shit. I don’t do that. You belong to me. It’s the title track called, “Call Me Crazy”. | Heed Grade: 4/5

5. B.A.N.S.

Produced By: Da Internz

“During “B.A.N.S.” I was so hurt. I was so heart broken. I was messed up when I wrote this record. This is the point of conflict within relationship where you really start to go through it with the person you’re with and you start to kinda second guess should I have fallen in love with the person in “It Won’t Stop”. Should I have given him “Sex On The Ceiling”? I have already told you one time how I felt on “Call Me Crazy” like ‘Aight don’t test me’ And now you done tested me. Now you on some B.A.N.S. “B.A.N.S.” stands for B***h A** N**** S**t. When you get to “B.A.N.S.” you really got me second guessing should I have given you all of me.” | Heed Grade: 4/5

6. Shattered

Produced By: Cameron Wallace

“After you get to “B.A.N.S.” clearly you are pissed off.. After the kicking, the screaming and the yelling and saying this is how you feel about it… after that is over with, we calm down. We gather our thoughts and go what are we dealing with. At the end of the day only people who can get you that upset is someone you really truly love. When you calm down and say I know love him. Here are the issues. Lets talk about them… Shattered is basically where you pointing fingers, I’m pointing fingers and we can’t throw stones at a glass house. Nobody is perfect.” | Heed Grade: 3/5

7. nEXt

Produced By: Dernst “D’Mile” Emile

“After it shatters in a relationship, people not just women, men and women, we like to go back to what’s familiar. We go back to what is comfortable. We go back to what we already know. A lot of times that happens to be our ex. Once you get to your ex you realize why they are your ex, why they became your ex in the first place…It’s coming from a very personal thing for me because I literally wrote it about me and my ex’s relationship. I wrote it while I was on FaceTime, with him. It was really weird.” | Heed Grade: 4/5

Sevyn’s debut EP “Call Me Crazy But…” is now available on iTunes!

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