With the the chaotic year of 2013 swiftly nearing its end, the time has once again arrived for media outlets around the web to compile their lists of the biggest events, scandals and triumphs witnessed by all. From the most shocking, hottest hook-ups to breakout stars, prepare to see it all in the coming weeks – because lets face it we all love to see our faves acknowledged, whether it’s for their exceptional work or based on rumors & gossip. Sure to be crowned #1 on many  year end lists are headline queens like: rebellious twerker Miley Cyrus, green screen legend Kanye West, and the desert dry thirst we all experienced waiting for the new Beyonce album – Because “Grown Woman” only held us off for a couple of weeks!

Back to my original point. Youtube has officially released their top 10 most viewed videos of the year – which have cumulatively boasted more than 2.8 billion views. The video site (which most of us visit over watching actual TV nowadays) also released its Top Trending Videos of 2013, with Ylvis’s “The Fox”  atop the list and demolishing all competition with 275 million views. Second place “Harlem Shake (Original Army Edition)”—was far behind with only 65 million views.

So join Heed in a trip down video memory lane and see if your favorite artists were popular enough to make the cut!

10. Selena Gomez – “Come and Get It”

Views: 182 million

The Disney starlet made sure the world was aware of her transition into womanhood with her sultry debut video from her album of the same name. I personally think she’s still too young to be telling anyone to “come and get” anything…but I digress. The song also hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs.

9. Avicii – “Wake Me Up”

Views: 187 million

EDM mania showed no signs of slowing down in 2013 as Swedish DJ Avicii dominated the charts with “Wake Me Up” off his debut album. The track also highlighted the talent of the soulful Aloe Blacc – whom despite being in the music biz since 2006, will certainly have a breakout 2014.

8. Naughty Boy (ft. Sam Smith) – “La La La”

Views: 202 million

While many U.S consumers were unaware of the hypnotic track, songwriter & producer Shahid Khan aka Naughty Boy had a massive UK hit with “La La La”.

7. Rihanna (ft. Mikky Ekko) – “Stay”

Views: 219 million

Pop star Rihanna’s emotional ballad “Stay” rose to the number one spot on billboard – marking a record breaking 11 number one singles. And the video didn’t do so bad itself as the seventh most watched video – because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see RiRi in a bathtub? Exactly.

6. Robin Thicke (ft. Pharrell, T.I.) – “Blurred Lines”

Views: 232 million

There is no denying the facts. Robin Thicke had one of the few massive songs all year – and I still walk around singing “You know you want it” in a baritone voice. Pharrell, T.I and Thicke apparently knew the entire world would “want it” as the single topped charts globally. Despite a semi x-rated version floating around on Vevo, the official video still managed to come in at number 6.

5. P!nk (ft. Nate Ruess) – “Just Give Me a Reason”

Views: 237 million

Who would’ve thought the pop ballad off P!nk’s “The Truth About Love” would come in at number 5? And more importantly has she always had an exclamation point in her name and I just haven’t noticed? Anyways,  the emotional track is one of the singer’s biggest hits to date, and the accompanying video features steamy scenes with real life husband, motocross racer Carey Hart.

4. Katy Perry – “Roar”

Views: 255 million

Round of applause for Katy’s “Roar”. Because the epic video was released towards the end of the year, yet still comes in near the top of the competitive list. The inspirational track topped billboard and added fuel to the Katy vs. Lady Gaga competition their diehard fans created – so lets add this as a win for team Katy.

3. Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop”

Views: 305 million

Miley Cyrus did anything but stop in 2013. But while making headlines for various reasons (Bleached eyebrows, breakups and bikinis on stage), the pop star made everyone remember that she is a talented artist at her core. “We Can’t Stop” topped the charts and created a new wave of eclectic Miley fans who are hanging on her every move – I wonder if her Hannah Montana fans are still down.

2. Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball”

Views: 399 million

Suprise! Cyrus made TWO videos this year the world just couldn’t get enough of! Let’s also acknowledge that Cyrus sang her butt off on this one.

1. PSY – “Gentleman”

Views: 599 million

While some consider him a joke, PSY is laughing all the way to the bank – maybe even dancing. The follow up to his smash “Gangam Style” (which has over a billion views now) tops the years list as the most viewed youtube video of 2013.