Think glossy, sleek and modern. What comes to mind? The newest Mercedes-Benz? How about living rooms and entryways? Sleek, glossy black spaces that lend a cool, sophisticated elegance to what might otherwise be ordinary is the new trend that’s making the interior design world take notice.

Modern designs could use a little more elegance

According to Boston-based designer Jill Goldberg, the busy, eclectic vibe of full spaces could use a more thought-out, scaled-back approach. By choosing colors and accents carefully, simplifying designs and choosing sleek elegance over busy collected clutter, Goldberg implements easy, sophisticated style in her designs. She recommends warm, high-gloss painted ceilings to give rooms a bit of a glow.

Well-considered designs

The gloss look begs for simplicity. Carefully-thought-out accessories complement colors chosen specifically for each space. Because gloss — whether in the paint or in modern steel/metallic accessories — adds a rich, refined feel to a space, less is more. Fewer accent colors and accessories are necessary to complete the look. Interior Collective embraces the gloss by featuring black-and-white designs. Glossy black paint and a few select accessories capture pure glamor even in small spaces.

Photo by Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 via Wikimedia Commons

Contrast and Drama

By nature, simplified designs give any room more space for drama and higher contrast. Hong-Kong based designer Steven Leung specializes in high-end designs often featuring the gloss look, and many of his designs tend toward the lighter side of the spectrum — creams and beiges contrast beautifully with darker accents. Soft, simple, textured fabrics paired with shiny glass lamps and stainless steel nesting tables create an uncluttered, but far from minimalistic, and inviting space.

Photo by Plage Vinilos y Decoracion via Flickr

Making the Look Your Own

Owning the gloss in your space isn’t rocket science. If you’ve read this far, you’ve already gotten the basics of the look: simplicity, elegance, and thought-out designs. Don’t rush to it, and choose selectively. Here are a few more specific tips for your remodel:

Add Color Sparingly — Not brave enough (or dramatic enough) to go solid black and silver like Interior Collective? Try a single wall of glossy color. If your living room features warm colors, go for a glossy and colorful accent wall and create a gallery of your favorite artwork. Just because you’re going for simplicity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personality. If you love to travel, this might be the perfect place for a framed vintage map. Take the time to figure out what works for you. Browse design sites like and retailers like Macy’s, and more for inspiration.

Simplify — If your kitchen is too busy and cluttered, you may want to add a new tile backsplash or upgrade your cabinets. Believe it or not, both recycled glass countertops and concrete countertops can be poured in any color of the rainbow and tastefully complement a gloss look. Using various online resources you can find reliable contractors to make your new look easier than you thought possible.

Photo by Proper Hunt via Flickr

Accessorize — Couple your look with sleek accessories in coordinating colors. Remember that less is more, and small accessories are among the easiest (and least expensive) investments you can make towards your remodel. Glossy modern ceramic vases might make the perfect mantel arrangement, or you could steal Steven Leung’s look by adopting clear glass lamps to adorn your end tables.

Photo by Kendyl Young via Flickr