Well, you thought you were in a great relationship, but that’s going to change soon unless you make some magic happen. You just got to work and realized that it’s Valentine’s Day, and the special woman in your life is going to expect something romantic when you get home. And while 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sold each year, a card by itself screams last-minute gift. You need something you can put together during your lunch break that looks like you spent hours thinking about how special she is. Get moving. You’ve got 60 minutes to pull off a miracle.

Time Together

Photo by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Mark O’Donald via Wikimedia Commons

Think about her interests for a minute. Is she a foodie? Does she follow a sports team? Is she a tech geek? For every interest, there’s a corresponding experience you can buy into and share with her. Foodies love to take specialized cooking classes, sports fans go crazy for team camps and geeks can always find excitement at conventions. Show you love her and that you want to spend time doing things she loves by booking an experience for the two of you. You may end up sitting through six weeks of quilting class, but the points you gain will be well worth it.

Special Delivery

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A red and white Valentine’s Day bouquet may be a cliché but it’s one that almost every woman loves. Even if you’ve forgotten about the special day, FTD makes it simple to save your relationship. They offer same day shipping on many different flower bouquets, plus a variety of special Valentine’s Day gifts such as specially designed jewelry and cuddly teddy bears. Spend a few minutes remembering her favorite type of flower (for many women, it’s not always roses) and add an extra touch such as a crystal vase in her favorite color.

Recycled First Date

What did you do on your first date? Get bonus points for romance and for attention to detail by scheduling a redo of your first date, but with an upgrade. Did you pick her up in your Escort? Rent a limo for the evening. Go out for sushi? Get a reservation at a hot Japanese spot, for later in the evening, as earlier times may be booked. If you went rollerblading the first time you met, buy two pairs of skates and go blading in the park in your best party clothes. Whatever you did to capture her heart, do it again with an upgrade.

The Ultimate Picnic

Photo by Dita Margarita via Flickr

Go all out at Whole Foods or some other upscale grocery store to create this gift. You’ll need a couple of bottles of exquisite wine, containers of finger food such as small gourmet cheeses and imported crackers, the freshest grapes, apple slices and decadent caramel sauce and chocolate covered strawberries, of course. Buy the softest blanket you can find, pack everything up into a real basket (you can find them at the dollar store) and set everything up on the living room floor. If you’ve got a fireplace, light it. If not, click on a fireplace video on YouTube and place your laptop on the floor near the blanket. Use the good wineglasses, and don’t forget to feed each other treats.