Founder of Blu Collar Fashion, Andre Wright, is excited about the sudden buzz, and growing demand for Blu Collar. Although the clothing line started with the instantly popular t-shirts and crewnecks in 2013, buyers can also purchase accessories and look forward to the addition of exclusive denim. Blu Collar (Born Leaders United-Collar) derives from Wright’s desire to see an increase in world leadership, as well as the strong, Blue Collar-working class community of his hometown in the Midwest.

When asking Andre if he feels the line will break the necessary barriers in the fashion industry that will ensure his line success, he answered with an emphatic “Yes!” He continued saying, “I looked to other clothing lines for color pallets and inspiration, but this is truly inspired by our environment, and the cultural shifts of society and a reason to say we need more leaders to stand up and be recognized.” The relaxed aesthetic of Blu Collar Fashion is enhanced by the signature smile found in its logo. When looking at the eclectic logo, you can see that the letters BLU form a smile.

Blu Collar aims to do more than produce edgy fashions. Over time, Andre Wright wants Blu Collar to be a representation of “you can do whatever you want.” While speaking with us, Wright explained that Blu Collar is more than a clothing line, but it is in fact a social movement. It represents integrity, hard work, passion and fashion and Wright categorizes the line as a  high-end lifestyle brand, for anyone who wants to be a leader, be influential, and look cool! “I really am having a lot of fun and challenging everyone to be a leader in what they are passionate in.” Indeed, Wright’s grass roots efforts have encouraged different community based projects. Blu Collar gives hats to the homeless during the winter months, form network alliances with institutions of higher learning, and is currently implementing a scholarship program for high school students. With the combination of fashion and community outreach, Blu Collar Fashion can conceivably ascend to new heights in fashion and  philanthropy.

Here’s a sneak peek of Blu Collar’s recent fashion show for their Spring Line!

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