Tech and gaming retailer has up’d their dedication the gaming community by releasing their new website The plan is for this site to be their hub to cover gaming news and live events as they relate to gaming tournaments, conventions, and other events.

“Gamers   represent   a   significant   and   very   active   segment   of   our   customer   base.   GameCrate   gives   these tech-­‐savvy   individuals   a   place   where   they   can   stay   current   on   gaming   news   and   voice   their   opinions,”   said   Soren   Mills,   Chief   Marketing   Officer   for   Newegg   North   America.   “We   want   to   be   more   than   a   shopping   destination   for   our   customers   and   GameCrate   is   an   innovative   addition   to   our   community.”


The site shall include the following:

• News   &   reviews   featuring   the   latest   games,   consoles,   PCs   and   accessories

• Live   coverage   of   e-­‐Sports   events,   including   expert-­‐written   editorial   and   video   analysis

• Professional   advice   and   opinions   focused   on   the   world   of   hardware   and   technology

• Original   video   content   and   trailers   from   the   latest   games

• An   intuitive   forum   that   allows   readers   to   join   the   discussion

• Exclusive   deals   and   promotions   on   the   latest   gaming   gear is just a great place for gaming deals so this is definitely a natural fit. It is interesting that they will have a full editorial staff and more to cover live events and attempt to tackle the big wigs like,, and the like. has their site and publication that is linked to their gaming subscription. has theirs as well so this move it definitely a natural one. We’ll see how good the content is!