Heed Magazine GeekSwagg Podcast Episode 15 by Bjheedmag on Mixcloud

(blazin’ intro music: “Valley Of Doom” by Random from TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³), released 14 June 2011 produced by DN3. contains elements of “Valley Of Doom” by Bear McCreary (DarkVoid)

BJ “Bunneh3000” and Jason “Dirtyhelmet” slap on a few Turtle Beach headsets and talk about games they’ve been playing and some of the GDC news around March 22nd. DirtyHelmet complains about some of the betas he’s been playing in the midst of his Titanfalling while Bunneh3000 gets a bit of retro nostalgia with Dark Souls 2. Then the crew sound off about the future of gaming consoles as Amazon and Google reveal their plans to jump into the market. This brings up the question, can Android be a valid gaming platform on the big screen?

What DirtyHelmet has been playing:
World of Tanks beta, Elder Scrolls Online beta, NBA2k14, Titanfall

What Bunneh3000 has been playing:
Titanfall, Ryse: Son Of Rome, Dark Souls 2