Newark is a city that is on edge—the edge of returning to its former glory. With the opening of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) seen by many as the start of the city’s journey to revival, Newark has made it a mission to rebuild and revamp a tattered reputation.  Nearly twenty years into its Renaissance, the change in Newark is plain for everyone to see.


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Over fifty years ago, James Slaughter had a dream to go into business for himself—to create a thriving business that would support his family and create a legacy. And in 1960 he opened James and Doris Slaughter’s Opticians. Little did he know that his entrepreneurial drive would serve as a source of inspiration for his grandchildren, Cabral and Utenzi Miller. Born and bred in Newark, the Miller siblings saw their family’s dedication to building business and relationships in their community as part of their legacy.

With the gumption inherited from their grandfather, Cabral and Utenzi have created a destination in the heart of Newark’s burgeoning arts district where the distinguished gentleman can explore and enhance his personal style. Located just steps away from the jewel of the neighborhood, the Newark Museum on Halsey Street, St. James & Company opened its doors in 2013.

Family owned and operated, St. James & Company is more than a boutique catering to men of style. One can say it’s more like an experience in all things dapper and debonair.  Exuding an atmosphere of confidence and sophistication that is the signature of the urbane gentleman, St. James & Company features a carefully curated blend of emerging and established brands including Michael Kors, Jack Spade, INVICTA and WILL Leather Goods that marry sharp design  and high end fabrication to exude style and originality.

St. James & Company is a reflection on owner, Cabral Miller, carefully handpicks each article of clothing, accessory and grooming product that the store features. Continuing in the family’s tradition of ensuring quality, each item featured in the store has been “Cabral certified” including another Newark-based favorite, Pooka Pure & Simple, the line of natural bath and body products.

St. James & Company is located at 25 Halsey Street in Newark, New Jersey and online at
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