Heed Magazine Geekswagg Podcast Ep. 17 – A Pimp Named Makeda by Bjheedmag on Mixcloud

The Geekswagg Podcast is back and better than ever! This week marks the legendary arrival of Makeda “The Grim Phreaker” from ZGamerOnline.com as a co-host along with the usual roster of B.J. “Bunneh3000” and Jason “DirtyHelmet”.

Yes, we know we skipped an episode as #16 was lost to the podcast gremlins unfortunately. The team will have to re-record that moment of podcasting greatness for you all. In the meantime, enjoy the epic new lineup!

With this new configuration of Geekswagg is sure to dominate the interwebs and this episode is proof as the new team talks about the following:

– The evil Facebook buying Oculus Rift and what that could mean.
– Amazon Fire TV and the doubts of its relevance
– Elder Scrolls Online apathy
– Nobody but Bunneh3000 watched Captain America
– and the most anticipated games of the year!

(blazin’ intro music: “Valley Of Doom” by Random from TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³), released 14 June 2011 produced by DN3. contains elements of “Valley Of Doom” by Bear McCreary (DarkVoid)

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