Stepping into the entertainment arena one must be ready to take risks. That’s exactly what Brooklyn bred Hip Hop/Pop Artist Tah Mac did when he left the States to pursue his music on the next level and it’s certainly paid off. He’s garnered notable success in the U.K, creating an international sound all his own while working with some of the biggest artists from across the ocean, including X Factor winner Leona Lewis and singer/songwriter/emcee Estelle. But after eight years, Tah Mac is poised and ready to bring his talents back home.

Raised by parents hailing from Guyana, the East New York native, born Tah Mcintosh, came of age during what many consider the golden era of hip hop. Rattling off names such as  A Tribe called Quest, Eric B & Rakim, and Biz Markie as early influences, Tah is quick to mention that he was also inspired by artists such as soul music icon Marvin Gaye and English rock band Pink Floyd, “So many different sounds were played in my household growing up” he utters in his laid back tone.  As a teenager Tah honed his production skills under the tutelage of Erick Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman as part of their Def Squad production team, helping to create hits that have become staples in hip hop.

With production credits from artists such as  JoJo, Ciara  and Aretha Franklin under his belt, Tah began to feel like music had become stagnant and somewhat repetitive in the States. “In life sometimes you just wanna take risks and when I ventured over to the U.K. as a producer, I just started to garner a lot of work.” No longer was he strictly a hip hop producer, in Europe he was free to explore different genres of music, including Rock, EDM and House. “People embrace music differently in the U.K. A great record is a great record no matter who made it.” He also began to be featured on some of the work that he was producing which allowed for a different type of experience and also put more stamps in his passport as he began to travel to some the biggest music festivals in the world. Able to see firsthand the effects good music has on its listeners Tah began to reimagine his position in the game.


After working with artists such as Leona Lewis and the U.K group Sugababes, Tah took the turn from producer to artist and in 2009 he released his debut album “Welcome 2 Tahland”. The album is a unique blend of genres, and features several U.K. vocalists including former Sugababes member Mutya Buena. His second single from the album, “Lavish Lifestyle” earned Tah his first hit as a solo artist, with the single being certified Gold soon after its release.

Now back in the States and based in L.A., fresh of the release of his EP “Love, Life and Reality”, Tah has inked a new distribution deal with TahMc Entertainment/Sony/Epic and is in the process of recording his second album which features production by David Guetta. With his career seemingly coming full circle Tah has teamed up with Def Squad alum Redman on his latest single “Oxygen”, scheduled for a June 10th release. “My man said ‘Tah you got a new record that’s crazy, lets elevate it the way it’s suppose to go’ and he jumped on the record and made magic.”

With a mission to live as happily as possible, and to simply make good music that transcends generations, Tah Mac hopes to continue to create a sound that captures the attention of the world with a lasting legacy.

Check out the “Oxygen” Remix ft. Redman!


“Oxygen” Music Video

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