THIS WEEK New York City hosted a packed-out and star-studded VIP Gifting Suite for NFL Draft Picks, Athletes, Agents, and Publicists. The event was presented by Schuyler 4 Ltd (@KateSchuyler4) showroom, the exclusive US Distributor of fine European men’s sportswear collections. Production for the event was handled by sports marketing and PR dynamo D4SM (@D4SM) and co-sponsored by NYC based stylist Megan Averbuch of Belles & Rebelles (@bellesnrebelles).

Heed was able to grab a few quotes from the sports icons and hopeful newcomers floating around the room. There were a few entertainment surprises there as well.

©Photos by Dennis Robinson II of VonRay Productions for Heed Magazine Inc.

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Jameel McClain (NY Giants)
I’m looking forward to this year with the NY Giants and I’m very excited about it.

Jameel Mcclain solo pic

[separator type=”thin”] Geoff Schwartz (#74 of NY Giants / Former Oregon)
I’m excited to kind of get the franchise back to winning…

Geoff Schwartz

[separator type=”thin”] JD Walton (NY Giants)
I just signed NY Giants. I was with Denver Broncos the last 4 years. I want to contribute to solidifying that offensive line and getting us back to the days of winning.

JD Walton

[separator type=”thin”] Plaxico Burress (Pittsburgh Steelers & NY Giants / Presently Free Agent)
I am a free agent now… It feels great to be a free agent, I have been in the game for over 10 years.
*On New Drafts- “There is a lot of young talent in here tonight, hopefully they will succeed.”

Plaxico Buress 3

[separator type=”thin”] Trevor Reckling (Cincinnati Reds Pitcher)
his is my first year with Cincinnati and I’m expecting us to make it to the championship.

Trevor Reckling 1

[separator type=”thin”] Kony Ealy (NFL Draft Prospect)
There are a lot of teams that may want to snatch me up, but honestly I will be grateful to be apart of whatever team that welcomes me to play.
*On Fashion- “If you look good, you play good…”. That’s my motto.

Kony Ealy 2

[separator type=”thin”] Quinton Coples (NY Jets)
It’s my 3rd year with the Jets! We are adding guys to the team to reach our goals. We added big players to reach big goals.

Quinton Coples 3

[separator type=”thin”] Jeremiah Brown (Former Jacksonville Jaguar / Presently Free Agent)
I was with the Jaguars for about  year and now I’m a free agent. I got a chance to workout with Miami a few weeks ago and that was a great experience. It was a blessing to be apart of the Jaguars! Right now I’m just looking for a home.

Jeremiah Brown 3

[separator type=”thin”] Mike Adams (Former Denver Broncos / Presently Free Agent)
Yes, I’m excited about being back home on the east coast. I’m a free agent now and I got a few teams I’m gunning for.
*On Community- “I am so happy about my Kid’s Football Camp! I’m also offering a free football camp to the first 200 boys that sign up. I love giving back to the community. This will take place June 20th-23rd and it’s FREE to the public!

Mike Adams 2

[separator type=”thin”] Marcus Harris (#13 NY Giants)
This will be a very exciting year for the Giants. Alongside football I have a boutique (collaborative effort with his business partner) in Texas and I like Fashion. We sell urban apparel and you can check out our website at

Marcus Harris 1

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Chris Canty (Baltimore Ravens)
I’m a native of New York! Last year was my first year with the Ravens, before that I spent four years with the NY Giants and before that I spent four years with the Dallas Cowboys. So, it’s coming up to 10 years for me in the game. It’s been a long and fun ride!

Chris Canty 2

[separator type=”thin”] Angela Simmons
I like sports and some of the athletes here tonight are my friends.
*On Fashion- Right now I’m working on my own clothing line. I also have a website, where we house new and up & coming designers and brands. Everyone should check that out! Also, I’m  working on some television stuff. You just gotta wait and see.

Angela Simmons 2

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Teyana Taylor (G.O.O.D. Music Artist)
I have been in the studio and working on a video for my new single. The name of the single in called “Maybe” featuring Pusha T and Yo Gotti and it will be available for download on iTunes May 13th. I need everybody to cop that!

Teyana Taylor 3