The next gen debut of the Winged Avenger is coming later on this year and Rocksteady is ready to yet again blow our minds. With this new trailer, we get to see a lot of Batman’s new mechanized batsuit as well as a LOT of batmobile action. While this is a ‘gameplay’ trailer, a lot of what was shown seemed to be cutscene material. The actual gameplay footage was probably some of the explosive batmobile action shown. It’s clear that this game will have a lot of focus on the use of the batmobile and traversing the entirety of Gotham itself!

Also seen were quick flashes of Two-face and the Penguin. Apparently the story centers around the Scarecrow, as well as this mysterious new villain called Arkham Knight, uniting a band of villains which will include Harley Quinn against the bats. As you could have probably guessed, there’s quite a bit of ‘fear’ involved somewhere in the storyline.

It’ll be interesting to see what new gadgets this killer new mechanized batsuit has as well as the weaponry and gadgets for the batmobile itself.

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