Dallas Logan chatted with Heed during his first solo art showing sponsored by Luxe Colore at the soulful Harlem venue, Billie’s Black. The walls were mainly adorned with his beautiful and high-contrasted black and white photographs on printed canvas. Participants were greeted by the sounds of soul and house music courtesy of DJ Thrillah along with a special performance by Apollo Live Winner, J’maine Jones. Many supporters of Dallas showed up to pay tribute including one of his fellow peers, Tarrice Love. You could sense the energy of artistic expression and freedom which permeated the place. Here’s what Mr. Logan attributes that energy to.

Photos Above ©Saudia Mitchell for Luxe Colore  •  Photos Below ©Dallas J Logan Photography


What was the inspiration for this photographic series?
I come from the world of film. So, most of my work is black and white. I wanted to showcase the beauty of the African American person be they male or female.
[separator type=”space”] Are the subjects in the photos models that you normally work with?
I don’t like to work with models on a repeated basis. I look at photography as love-making and if we have a good love-making session…it can’t be repeated.
[separator type=”space”] Your pieces speak to many things. What are some keywords that would describe the message you aim to portray?
It speaks to physical and inner beauty. You know when you fall in love with someone? They’re the most beautiful person to you at that moment. Then you break up, go back to see them six months later and you think, “what in the hell did I see in that person?”. They didn’t change. The only thing that’s changed is the love you had for them. So you no longer have the ‘love-eye’. When I shoot a model I want to fall in love with them so the viewer can see the love I had for the model at that moment.
[separator type=”space”] Who are some of the artistic influences that help inspire your artwork?
I’ve been a photographer since I was a little boy. Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn…when I find a photographer that I love, the goal is to see who they love because I learn that way. Most of the time, I end up at museums looking at paintings like Rembrandt’s and Leonardo DiVinci. They are an inspiration because of what they do.
[separator type=”space”] Are you currently working on a new series?
I’m working on a series now called “Iconix”. It’s a nude male series showcasing the physique of the male model. I’m shooting them against iconic backdrops. For instance, I found an old inoperable locomotive train and shot a model in front of it using simple lighting resulting in a statuesque photograph. I hope to have that out by next year.
[separator type=”space”] Is there a submission process for potential models seeking to work with you?
I have to see them and I have to connect with the person. There’s a difference between a good photo and a great photo…the difference is love. You can tell when a photographer loved the model or when they were just doing their job. I want to fall in love with that model in order to get the shot because that’s what makes the difference.
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