Yesterday, EA announced the next direction for the Battlefield series is to be Hardline. This new direction shall be a cops and robbers take on the whole Battlefield experience. Today, YouTube user TonyGun38’s channel leaked a trailer the explains quite a bit about the new Battlefield. Just as many of you probably guessed, this Battlefield fanboy jumped at the opportunity and dug in for a good seven minute reveal of gameplay footage and light explanation of new multiplayer modes and single player story reveals.

Once again DICE returns to flesh out the multiplayer details of their ‘Levolution’ filled game engine called Frostbite. Returning are all of the destructability, weapon selection, and vehicular variety that we’ve come to know and love about this franchise. What IS different is this new theme calls for more than just a new multiplayer theme. This rendition of Battlefield will have Visceral Games heading the development of the single player story mode whose name has been revealed to be “Omaha”. Visceral Games is famous for the Dead Space franchise which is filled with excellent cinematic moments and storytelling.

But the first part of the trailer looked to cover the big draw of the multiplayer modes and what this new cops and robbers theme would bring to the table.

Heist Mode – Here the criminals break into a bank and try to get into the vault and escape with the cash.

This, of course, brings to mind GTA V and Payday 2 when I hear of this mode. In each of those games, it was important to make the criminal side of things hard to come out on top requiring planning and enough tricks up their sleeves to pull things off. The difference, of course, is that Battlefield will put people in the shoes of BOTH sides complete with vehicles, gadgets, and classes. It’ll be interesting to see what class system is used as well as the possibility for skill upgrades or possible gadget acquisition either through higher experience levels or using money (or both).

Rescue Mode – Heist gone wrong with hostages as the criminals try to escape.

Bring in the SWAT and save the hostages. The interesting part of both this mode and other modes will be what actually defines the point when the criminals win by ‘escaping’? Do they simply reach the edge of the map? Do they all reach the escape point? How is the escape point defined? How big is the map and can the police figure out the escape route or location?

Either way, thoughts of Rainbow Six come to mind with bits of stealth, misdirection, and the like. It will be interesting to see how this mode plays out. Will it be progressive objectives throughout the match or is it simply timed? Oh the possibilities!

Bloodmoney Mode -secure the cash and take it back to a safehouse

This mode seems easiest to flesh out. Theres the money. Go get it and a race to defend it.

Hotwire Mode – stolen cars and fast paced chases.

Need For Speed Most Wanted anyone? It will be interesting to see what gadgets and vehicles are allowed in this mode. Of course, respawns for all involved would seem as if it would defeat the purpose of the mode but I suppose it could be done. Would be REALLY interesting to see the max player size on each of these modes. Splitting up would make things hard on the cops to pursue effectively.

Seeing the gameplay here makes you wonder how much attention will go into vehicle choices for the criminals. Are we going to see a select list of sports or concept cars here or are we going for the ‘generic vehicle that looks like a Challenger’ route? Will there be performance upgrades that can be bought or will it be an experience based ‘unlock’ system as seen with vehicles in past Battlefield games? Inquiring minds want to know!

On goes the single player mode explanation and we learn that Visceral Games has the hero named Nick Mendoza on a rough and tumble mission of retribution against other corrupt cops and criminals in the midst of a drug war. With money and drugs flying all around, it is easy to see how high dollar tech could be used to track down and bring to justice all that come across his path. With that said, episodes were explained to have replayability by using multiple ways to achieve the objectives and plenty of gadgets that can be acquired and purchased.

As with other Battlefield games, it will be interesting to see how these ‘gadgets’ are used and for what reason in the story and then executed in a similar fashion in multiplayer. Toss in DICE’s ability to make content rich DLC and you have another package that could easily be worthy of a Season Pass purchase by yours truly!

Here’s to hearing more about Battlefield Hardline for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC at E3 2014!