Free Lives has touched on just the right nerve when it comes to their action shooter Broforce. Action movies from the 80’s are a huge part of American culture and is recognized throughout the world even if the movie isn’t really that good! Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Based in South Africa, Free Lives has quickly garnered a following that is powered by the unmistakable funk of bros! (ew)


Broforce is said by Free Lives to be an action platformer where the heroes are stripped straight from popular 80’s and 90’s action movies and TV shows like The Terminator, A-Team, Blade, Commando, Conan, Rambo, The Matrix, Aliens, and more to come apparently. The concept of the game is simple. Evil has beset the land and the Broforce is sent to blow them all to kingdom come!

 So, after taking a moment to hear about all of the buzz surrounding this game and watching a few Twitch feeds of the explosive craziness, I caved in and pre-ordered this ridiculously retro 8-bit of a carnage-fest! While the game is still an alpha, you are treated to a ‘Map’ mode, an online multiplayer mode, a custom level editor, and crazy modes called Explosion Run, Deathmatch, and Race Mode. While I didn’t partake of the specialty modes mentioned, I did jump into a bit of the multiplayer and Story Map Mode.  

Gameplay is simple. Shoot anything that moves and be careful not to get caught in the explosive aftermath! The controls work out to be a bit like playing Contra. Your fearless action heroes can wall jump and some can even double jump. Essentially, that is where the full appeal of the game is. With full comic brutality, each bro is an 8 bit ‘bro’ version of their Hollywood counterpart.

Gotta catchem all! Can you name these Bros?
Gotta catchem all! Can you name these Bros?

Brade = Blade. Brommando = Arnold’s Commando. Rambro = Sly Stallone’s Rambo. Bro Hard = Bruce Willis’ Die Hard. Indianna Brones = Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones. Mr. Anderbro = Keanu Reeve’s Neo in The Matrix.

The list goes on and apparently will continue to grow as the development continues. The hilarity and flame filled chaos is fast paced and captivating as each of these bros have their own regular attack (or weapon) as well as a wicked special attack. These special attacks have limited use though just to keep you honest and the difficulty high. All instincts push you to want to unleash these wicked attacks on groups of generic baddies and blast them into a bloody 8 bit mess, but alas… you must use restraint! At the end of each level is a helicopter that lifts your bros to safety and queues a hilarious power metal rif that eggs you on to continue on to the next level filled with evil just begging to be blown to bits!


I laughed as The Brominator and his chain gun kept pushing him backwards as it fired its rain of destruction. Bronan the Barbarian has a wicked wave attack that makes up for not having a far reaching weapon and only a melee attack. Mr. Anderbro’s punches are fast, furious, and devastating. Bro in Black has the hilarious Cricket pistol that packs a massive punch as well as the Neuralyzer that stuns everything in its path. Ash Brolliams is particularly fun to use with his trademark Boomstick and chainsaw hand!

Honestly, even with the current roster of bros at hand, it is loads of fun to blast any and everything in your path at full speed and watch everything (including your bro) go down in blaze of bloody glory! Free Lives is listening to their growing community of followers so if you’ve ideas for more Bros to add, definitely go and put your bid in and help them make this the Expendables game we all wish was made in the first place!


Available now on Steam as an Early Access game, Broforce promises to have a ton of content. They are looking to eventually bring the game to PS Vita (hellz yeah!) and PSN in the future. Check out the features they’re working on for the final build:

  • More explosions, camera shake and action than anything else, ever. 

  • Fully destructible terrain. 

  • Local Bro-op play and online multiplayer bro-op. 

  • Deathmatch arenas with leaderboards and rankings. 

  • Unlockable “bros” – each with distinctive attacks and special brobilities. 

  • A level editor, the ability to challenge your friends and share your custom levels. 

  • Design your own Brofort – with unlockable rooms and additions to defend against terrorist onslaught, or just hang out. 

  • Vehicular action sequences, dinosaurs, aliens and epic Contra-inspired boss fights. 

  • Nuanced and strategic combat, explosive action and deadly stealth. 

  • For every terrorist killed in Broforce, a terrorist will die in real life. 

So go and get your awkwardly timed chest bump on and join the Broforce! Bunneh3000 will see you there to battle terrorists and evil wherever their 8-bit heads rear up!