You guys know that we love highlighting up and coming talent and Issa Rae Productions’ newest web-series “First” is definitely worthy of an honorable mention. Created by and starring Jahmela Biggs, “First” chronicles a series of major ‘firsts’ between Robin (Biggs) and Charlie (played by actor William Catlett), two childhood friends, who have been reacquainted and are now developing a romantic relationship. The web-series, with its leanings to one of our favorite films “Love Jones,” features an impressive and refreshing up and coming cast including actor/director James Bland, Ciji Campbell, Todd Anthony and more.  We’re excited about this show, not only because it is new and quite entertaining, but it offers a different perspective to the sometimes distorted way in which Black love is portrayed. Now in week 6, things are getting quite tense between Charlie and Robin, and we encourage you to get into this awesome web-series!

I’ve done you the favor of posting episode 1, but do yourselves a favor and check out the rest of the season! It doesn’t disappoint and it’s really getting good! Check out episode 1 of “First”!

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