(written by: Makeda “The Grim Phreaker” DeJene)

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC (reviewed)



As far as sound is concerned, this Titanfall Atlas headset has that category down pat! This is actually my very first headset for PC gaming and the difference between a regular pair of “bass” earphones/headsets not specifically for gaming and Turtle Beach’s Titanfall Atlas headset is phenomenal. While playing Diablo III, I was able to hear everything from my spells being cast, footsteps of enemies and the bass when “bosses” roar, or slam down their massive weapon– it truly sent  chills down my spine! What I loved most about this headset is the volume module which allows the user to not only control the volume of the game, but also the volume of chatting. I stream fairly often and occasionally have guests that play along or commentate, so if I need to adjust  my partner’s voice so that it’s slightly louder than the game, I have that option and vice versa. Very, very handy.


The Mic

This particular headset has a convenient detachable microphone, which you can remove for those single player gaming sessions or when you just don’t feel like talking. The microphone securely snaps in place when you insert it into the bottom of the ear muff and is very flexible for positioning how far away it is from the users mouth. At first I was a bit skeptical on if the microphone would be able to pick up sound clearly since it was detachable, but  after reviewing some video of me streaming, I could hear my mom, in the next room laughing and commenting on the latest episode of Judge Judy. So yeah, you’ll definitely need a quiet area to play your games if you plan on capturing anything, because the mic picks up EVERYTHING.

All kinds of cables are included for each platform as well as for the controller update.
All kinds of cables are included for each platform as well as for the controller update.


The Design

As soon as I unboxed the Titanfall Atlus headset, I noticed that the bridging for  the headset was made of some very hard plastic. I have a medium sized head but you still have to apply a smidgen of strength to open and place them on comfortably. To be honest, they were so stiff, that I was afraid I was going to break them, but it is a very sturdy plastic. However, there’s no “breaking- in” these headsets and it doesn’t get easier to put them on even with frequent use. As an owner of Turtle Beach Earforce X12’s headset for the Xbox 360, the previous padding caused some serious ear/head sweat that eventually lead to headset slippage. Though the Titanfall Atlus headsets completely nixed the ear/head sweat concern, they [the ear padding] are also very hard… so hard in fact that maybe after 30 minutes of gaming, I had to take them off because my ears were sore.

Earforce Atlas

Overall though, if you’re a casual gamer, Turtle Beach’s Titanfall Atlus headset is exactly what you need: great sound and  you can hear your friends clearly when gaming and vice versa. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a hardcore gamer this set isn’t for you, unless of course, you enjoy pain, which we would never judge you for.