The Geekswagg crew is back and have evolved into video form! Notice the swag-tastical intro movie?! Well, it’s not as good as my boy Andre Lewis (hence the lack of music) but it gets the job done for now!

This episode, Jason “DirtyHelmet” and BJ “Bunneh3000” attempt to breeze through the multitude of non-game-edness that has been our lives for the past month or so. Between Bunneh3000 moving and DirtyHelmet sniffing paint and construction materials in his basement, little to no significant gaming has occurred!

Thankfully, the brilliant minds at Elgato Gaming (HEY GUYS!) have the video capture remedy! By the power of Bunneh-skull, the Geekswagg crew are testing out the dos and don’ts of the Elgato HD Video Capture device in all its glory. From this point forward, the whole Geekswagg crew will be capturing, streaming, and geeking out over all of this devices features in an attempt to bring you all more video content in various forms. Yes, my friends, that will mean video reviews are in our near future!

Once that’s out of the way, the crew manages to get in a bit of NBA free agency talk and do a speed round of “what E3 game do YOU want”.

So sit a spell and let your eyes do what your ears used to have to do all alone…EXPERIENCE GEEKSWAGG!

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