The Destiny beta is done and all have thrown their ten cents into the feedback bowl that is the Bungie forums. I, Bunneh3000, have had a few first impressions to speak of but after my 7 hours of gameplay, I’ve had the chance to expand upon some of my initial findings.

While my thoughts on how this game plays (and sounds like for that matter) remain the same, it should be noted that this is probably my first extended stay with a console based MMO. For a brief moment I tried out DC Universe Online but I constantly got deterred by the constant massive updates required. For me, the frequency seemed constant considering I didn’t really play the game much. I’m hoping that the same is not the case for Destiny. I imagine there will be moments when there needs to be an update. On top of that I’m certain that this game will eat up CONSIDERABLE amounts of space on my hard drive. Be warned fellow guardians. If you plan on getting this game, make certain you have an external drive. You’ll probably need it.


Now as I moved on from solely playing the story missions to figuring out the PvP and exploring missions, I did notice the following things:

  • Choice to choose challenge level of areas is a nice touch

When I initially went from story to explore areas, I noticed that I really didn’t have much of a challenge until I encountered the minor bosses or public events. Once I boosted the challenge level a bit, I definitely noticed the need for fireteams. Not certain if that translated to better loot though.

  • Loot drops and chests seemed hard to come by

I’m not certain if this was on purpose but there were a number of instances where I’d go through a story for the second time or even the first time and not get loot after defeating a story boss. Also, I rarely saw a loot chest and constantly wonder what the purpose for the spin metal harvesting is for.

For the chests, I noticed from the community that there were supposed to be golden chests about to search for. I’m wondering if there needs to be more of a notice about the existence of these ‘in-game’ so that it can be known that we should be looking for them. Also some kind of clue as to where they exist as well.

For the spinmetal, I think I eventually found out that they are used to upgrade equipment but the method seemed kind of arbitrary. You go into the inventory, click use, and then a few of your equipment would then give you a notice that they could be upgraded. I think they should set it up where you choose where you want to apply the spinmetal to.


  • The shipwright and blueprints point towards ship to ship combat

Unless I just didn’t spend enough time with it, there wasn’t an area to fly the spaceships or use any of the weapons that this shipwright was alluding to. I suppose that’s a good sign because watching your ship fly in load screens is TOTALLY uninteresting even from a aesthetics customization standpoint.

With that said, I do hope the ships handle better than the hover cycle and tanks featured in the PvP.

  • The PvP seemed a bit unbalanced and slow

Ok, maybe the speed issue is a result of playing a lot of Titanfall but for some reason running around the maps just felt a little sluggish.

Also, the matchmaking balancing may need to account for equipment as well as character level because it seems as if having the right weapons trumps whether you have the highest experience level. There should definitely be a bit of attention placed on balancing the gameplay here.

The vehicles in this PvP just seemed a bit overpowered since the special and heavy ammo have to be acquired in order to use in this mode. This makes things hard for most people since most of us are used to being able to ALWAYS switch between two weapons without having to find ammo for the second weapon. I understand waiting for heavy ammo to drop but maybe their should be better rewards for kill streaks and for taking out someone that was on a kill streak.

A part of me wishes for more classes as well.
A part of me wishes for more classes as well.

  • Fireteam invites

As I requested before, fireteam invites should be easier to manage. There are times when you get out in the open and meet someone or a crew that you find you need for backup and sending and receiving invites just doesn’t seem streamlined enough to manage in a timely fashion.

  • Map and navigation

Lastly, I think most of us in the beta can agree that a map and a better method for identifying waypoints for missions is sorely needed.

Destiny Bang Bang

As I stated before, Destiny is going to probably rock my loot grabbing, FPS world for quite a while. The game is beautiful and the interface is very Halo-esque. Of course, the music kind of takes you there as well so the nostalgia and feel of Bungie’s old stomping grounds will be all over this title. Thankfully for me, that’s not a bad thing!

Now that you know, check out the vid of Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet chopping it up on the Destiny beta! Then go to our Youtube channel and see more vids! Then when you are done there, go to our channel for even more!

Game on!