Heed attended an advanced screening for Let’s Be Cops, the latest buddy-cop flick which will open nationwide Wednesday, August 13th.  This farce about two Ohio losers losing their way through Los Angeles stars New Girl co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. play best friends who’ve  moved to LA to “make it” before they turn 30, and now several years later they’re well passed 30 and not living their Hollywood dreams whatsoever. Ryan (Johnson) is an ex-jock who once quarterbacked for Purdue but now spends his days yelling at kids during pickup games on a local playground. Justin (Wayans) is a shy video game developer at a company where he’s not exactly developing games. After a failed police video game pitch, the two slacker genius’ decide to wear the cop outfits to a costume party (which wasn’t an actual costume party). The too soon realize the advantages and power of pretending to be men of the law.  And as you can imagine, their fake cop schtick turns a normal night into utter chaos!

“We are actually friends on and off screen so it was a natural to play best friends on the camera,” noted Jake Johnson during the Los Angeles press conference. After being asked about the pressure of being in the famous Wayans clan, Damon Wayans Jr said, “I have great talent and it was good to connect with my friend to showcase what I enjoy doing”.

Real life Marine veteran turned actor Rob Riggler plays the “serious” cop in the movie that meets Johnson and Wayans’ characters  because he thinks they are actual cops. “ It was great to play the cop role that wasn’t crazy and goofy, I never get to play the serious role”, said Riggler.

Co-writer/director Luke Greenfield (“Something Borrowed”) handles the script and flow of the film pretty well with plenty of ‘gag’ and ‘omg’ moments throughout. Jake Johnson’s comedic timing is razor sharp, and Wayans has that on-screen Wayans reaction when  crazy situations occur within the film. The pairing of the two hilarious leads works effortlessly, as we’re sure they’ve had plenty of time to bond and goof off  while filming their hit Fox series.

So if you’ve always wanted to be a cop yet never got into Police Academy, or you’re simply in the mood for a good laugh, make sure you catch Lets Be Cops when it hits theaters this Wednesday, August 13th!

Check out the hilarious trailer!