Three of the illest geeks you’ll ever meet talk about gaming, movies, comics, and life. Come and join Bunneh3000, The Grim Phreaker, and DirtyHelmet as they chat about  #Gamescom  ,  #StateofDecayLifeline  ,  #CallofDutyAdvancedWarfare  and more!

This episode has Bunneh3000 trying to convince Makeda and Jason to take a chance on Undead Labs’ State of Decay game and laying out the new multiplayer details for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Then the crew delves into Microsoft’s lack of Kinect presence at Gamescom and why that isn’t a good sign for the accessory’s future in this competitive next gen market. Finally, the team glosses over the rest of the news coming out of Gamescom and finally drools over Witcher 3 one more time!

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