You ever have a moment when you’re listening to a record and you say out loud, “this is a good song”? I had one of those moments a few weeks back when listening to Ian Von’s latest single, “New Music”. The Louisiana native’s new project “Love Songs, Beats and Guitars” is a musical melting pot, with elements of many different genres, staying true to Ian’s unapologetic R&B sound, without boxing him in. “This is me stepping out,” he says, “…being innovative as an artist.” In an age where innovation seems to be a thing of the past, Ian is on a mission to just make music that is not so one dimensional. “I don’t want to be trapped into a specific sound,” says the singer. He went on saying, “As an artist, I like to experiment with different sounds and different musical elements that bridge the gap. With this song, I just wanted to make something really fun and exciting that crosses genres.”

Being rooted in the church, Ian has been surrounded by great singers and musicians all of his life. With a mentor like the legendary Dr. Bettye Nelson, Ian learned several valuable lessons in how to project, how to use his voice and how to do some of those very tasteful yet distinct vocal acrobats. “I had advantages because I had the training and experience of be able to go to places like Europe with Bettye Nelson as a kid,” he says. Dr. Nelson is a pillar in the Gospel Music industry and the Church of God in Christ. She, along with other staples like the late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark taught and helped to develop some of Gospel Music’s finest including The Clark Sisters and Kim Burrell.

Coming from Louisiana, a place rich in culture, incredible cuisine and great music, the influence is inevitable. It’s something being from a place known for music that kind of sets certain artists apart. Of the influence his hometown, Ian says, “I don’t think I can actually articulate it. All of those musical elements that we’re around, as a musician it kind of naturally rubs off on you.”


It was after school when Ian got a real taste of superstardom. Following graduation, he, a few friends and a cousin formed and R&B boy group.  They wrote songs, performed and eventually began getting the attention of several record labels. They were ‘regional phenoms’ as Ian put it. Local celebrities who became the go-to opening act for many of the major tours passing through the area. It was during this time that he began performing alongside Destiny’s Child, Montell Jordan, Joe and Brian Mcknight. “Those experiences are what really trained me to be a professional,” he says. “We had the chance to be around real talent and watch them perform. Watch how they were able to woo a crowd with their music and their gift. I took all of those lessons and applied them to my stage show today.”

Ian Von is a true student of R&B and the passion of music. Whether he’s listening to Luke James & Sam Smith, being inspired by the work of Pharrell Williams, or blasting his own records, he has a sound and message that is sure to keep music lovers inspired. Having traveled to Essence Fest and Atlanta Live recently, it is obvious that his talents are being sought after.  His new album, laced with an array of love songs over hot beats is no joke, and his first single has over 50,000 plays on Soundcloud. Get into this ‘new music’ and get into the sounds of Ian Von.



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