Let’s face it, NBA fans. We miss NBA Live.

For years and years I had fond memories of playing NBA Live and duking it out with friends and the CPU. As 2K sports entered the scene and intensified the competition, for some reason EA Sports felt the need to deconstruct what they had and rebuild. Unfortunately, the results were horrifying as player specific ‘power moves’ made the once competitive and realistic basketball sim into an arcade-y mess. Fans left in droves leaving NBA Live to literally go back to the drawing board.

After years of being away, NBA Live 14 returned last year with an ‘acceptable’ return to the industry. Still, the result was far from the high expectations of digital NBA warriors.

Well, a year has passed and NBA Live 15 is almost upon us. The trailer here shows that EA Sports seems to be on the right track at least from a visuals standpoint. Players are showing off their emotion like their real life counterparts in fluid animations that would lead this hardcore fan to believe that there is hope yet for NBA Live 15. Could NBA Live make a true competitive return to the NBA sim market? Well, we’ll surely find out come October 7th!

In the meantime, pay attention to the blogs and other videos that EA Sports will be releasing on the  NBA LIVE website, Facebook page, Twitter and other social networks.