Years ago when Prometheus was released, movie goers were at first excited and then either confused or disappointed upon watching Ridley Scott’s not-really-a-prequel to the Alien saga. As a die hard fan of both novels and movies within this terrifying and somehow intriguing universe, I was also thrilled to see a sensible return to the xenomorphs in ANY fashion after seeing the debacle that was Aliens vs. Predator:  Requiem. That garbage was essentially a teen slasher movie with Aliens thrown in it if you ask me.

Still, Prometheus had an opposite reaction for myself as I (and my wife who LOVES the original Alien movie) fell in love with the mystery and lose theory presented. The purpose of the Engineers and the nature as well as the true workings of the black goo through ALL who saw the movies into instant debate mode. Whether people liked the movie or not, they still found themselves trying to make sense of what they saw.

Thankfully, this won’t be the last of the movies (though we’ll have to wait for quite some time for the sequel). But as we wait, the beautiful mind of Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures: Spider-man and other titles) has taken the lofty task of sending a new team of scientists to reveal what happened to Prometheus’ journey to LV-223 in an all new comic book series called PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE #1. Dark Horse gave him and artist Juan Ferreyra full license to create and a preview of the beginnings of their epic are previewed HERE!! The full story shall be available in just about a week on September 10th so be sure to run to your comic book store or to the Dark Horse Digital Store to read the whole thing!