With a hard-knocking debut, singer/songwriter Chartel has introduced her sound to an audience that’s yearning to hear about love and life, unadulterated. Her debut single, entitled “Make Up Your Mind To Love”, is a blend of smooth melodies, poignant lyrics, with a blaring challenge to do what we were created to do: simply love. “At the time it was written, it had everything to do with an overly ambitious feeling that I alone, could offer everything a willing party needed in a relationship,” she says.

Hailing from the DMV, the classically trained vocalist has linked up with producer Scottishh of Matrax Productions, and is cultivating a sound she’s taken to describe as, “pop-soul”. “He takes the time to hear and incorporate my ideas into his dynamic interpretations,” says the singer.  “Many people will say that they know what you, the writer/artist, wants from a production experience, but he actually got me ‘there’ and I’m grateful.”

While having sung as a background vocalists for BET Music Matters artist Leah Smith and gracing the stage as a featured guest with jazz band Vertical Current, opening for the likes of Grammy award winning artist Robert Glasper and Grammy Nominee Eric Roberson, Chartel is finally ready to take listeners on her own journey. “Music allows me to articulate my journey of questions, answers and realizations and present them in a way that transposes my experiences into something that others can own and feel, if just for a moment.”

Check out Chartel’s debut single “Make Up Your Mind to Love”!