I’ve been meaning to write a full preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition for quite some time. Bioware is just one of those developers that always pricks my ears when they have a new game simply because of their dedication to ‘story’ with ALL of their games. Regardless of what their end product is when it drops, the story is always a focus of the end product and I LOVE them for that.

With Dragon Age: Inquisition, they are looking to bringing Dragon Age back to RPG greatness after their successful and at times controversial Mass Effect series. They’ve learned a lot from their decision to make the action more action-y and the RPG less RPG-y. Fans sounded off their pleasure and displeasure respectively and Bioware seems to have listened. They even managed to hear their fans outcry at the broken loot system and drab environments when it came to digging into Inquisition.

So far, the many developer reveals that have come about all speak towards Dragon Age Inquisition having the best of Origins and 2 and merging them both into an open world exploration epic worthy of a next gen title. Of course, they were smart about it and made it across current and next gen platforms so as not to miss out on the huge PS3 and Xbox 360 fanbase that currently exists. I’d be interested to see if saves from any of the previous games would affect this one but given the revelation of what the story is about, I don’t think there is a need for that.

In the meantime, Bioware is doing there fans proud with a livestream session today at 10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT / 6:00PM GMT that will reveal a number of things about the gameplay and some of the environments. Check out the reveals to give you more feels!

      Character Creation Tool: Get an in-depth demonstration and first-look at character customization and creation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Fans will interact with the developers to help create the ultimate Inquisitor.

 ●      Debut of New Region: BioWare will be showing live gameplay from a new region in Dragon Age: Inquisition, showing an all new expansive environment which players will encounter on their epic journey to save Thedas from destruction.

 ●      Live Q&A: Creative Director Mike Laidlaw and Producer Cameron Lee will be taking questions from viewers live during the stream.

Go and check them out! If I have the time, I’ll try and report on all that was discovered! Can’t wait for this one!