That’s right! The Heed Magazine Geekswagg crew are all Elvish-y this episode! The illest geeks you’ll ever meet take a trip down memory lane to recall how Tolkein drew them into the world of Middle Earth. All in honor of the release of Shadows of Mordor, the Geekswagg crew recall such things as the animated musical, the dull boredom while reading Two Towers, the genius of creating all of the languages, and the ridiculous detail in the Silmarillion (please don’t make that a movie).

Be sure to check out DirtyHelmet’s stream of is first Shadows of Mordor playthrough!

DirtyHelmet’s IT corner:







Windows 10

The Tales Of Grim:

Tetris Movie

Blizzard’s eSports Attempts

Adventures in Bun-gineering notes:

SnowWorld Pain Relief VR game 

Makerspace Engineering in schools


Grim Phreaker’s Gaming Recommendations

Neverending Nightmares


Vanishing of Ethan Carter


Bunneh3000’s Comic Book Recommendations



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