Each time I go to NYCC, I come across a new vendor or storefront that captures my moneyspending eye! This year has not let me down as quite a few stores piqued my interest:

Poetic Earth Made Journals


Upon walking to this booth, the massive leather-bound hand made masterpieces are quite striking to the eye. As you can see from the pictures these beautiful messenger bags, journals, sketchbooks, and more. Their various themes and intricate details on the covers of each journal provide a unique and personal touch for those special introverts who just have to get their thoughts and memoires on paper just the right way. These gorgeous journals almost make me want to start!

With journals starting at $29 for a 4″ x 5″ and around $69 for a 10″ x 13″ sketch book, these handmade pieces are affordable enough to start!




Upon walking by the SanShee booth, I was instantly drawn to the Bioshock Infinite inspired clothes and jewelry. Closer inspection of the storefront showed very reasonably priced $20 T-shirts and other trinkets that were Zelda, Fallout, Mass Effect, and Skullgirl themed also. Those of you who love Pokemon Generation Gym Badges, you’ll see a number of sets on their website for you to cop!

Me personally, I may have to indulge and grab a few Bioshock themed items to show my love for one of the best FPS games ever!




As I walked around NYCC looking at costumes and the varied geek garb of my fellow attendees, I came across a unique shop that almost looked as if they were selling Assassin’s Creed costumes. Upon closer inspection I realized that this store was selling high quality coats and hoodies that weren’t necessarily costumes but were more like actual coats. Of course, any coat that would make you look like you were kin to Desmond Miles is quite impressive to this fellow Assassin.


Still, fashion of this quality comes at a price. Don’t expect to pay less than $100 for these awesome pieces. Many which are made to order will cost you between $200 and $400! Still, you will have quite the distinctive style that has that dated and yet modern feel that can’t be found in TJ Max, Macy’s, or even Spencer’s!

Just make sure when you buy me something from Volante Design that you find me some bladed gauntlets as well!



Comic book lovers and creators abound now have a new unique portal to both read AND publish their stories! Madefire is a unique software tool that allows comic book creators to evolve their digital pages into a work of motion, animation, and sound that brings to life their stories in a way that all tablets and mobile devices should see!

I stepped up to the booth and experienced a generic comic that was filled with visual cues, music, and simple animation that really pulls you along as you read the comic. Also equipped with a free Motion Book Tool, indie writers can publish their comic books using this tool to get their labor of love out to the masses. Also, Madefire is working with the likes of DC Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, and more to bring well known comics and stories to motion digital life as well!

Go check it out. You may spark a new fire for reading comics in a revolutionary new way!

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Looking to spend a lot of your hard earned cash on massive Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter character statues? Whelp, I’ve found the store for you! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is in the process of making life sized busts and 1:4 scale statues of Mortal Kombat, Street FIghter, He-Man, and more! These impressive statues would put the shock and awe into any geek cave that could afford to find a home for them!



Feel free to buy me the Scorpion statue for my birthday this week!


Mega Bloks

The construction set maker is making a big push by introducing a lot of new lines aside from their ever popular Halo sets. This year they are showing off their construction block prowess alongside Barbie, Despicable Me, Spongebob, Hot Wheels, Skylanders, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed.


No, they aren’t Lego but they are coming up with some interesting franchises to give the Swedes some competition!


Whelp. That’s all for now. Stay tuned as I search and hunt for more!