Watch live video from Bunneh3000 on Twitch (blazin’ intro music: “Valley Of Doom” by Random from TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³), released 14 June 2011produced by DN3. contains elements of “Valley Of Doom” by Bear McCreary (DarkVoid)

Day 2 (Friday) brought a lot of great cosplay, Artist Alley,  and three pretty decent panels. One of the panels was surrounding Video Games and Education which is something that I’m always trying to convince my standout teacher wife of. I spent the majority of the morning hours roaming outside of the show floor getting as many cosplay pictures as I could. After doing so, I did manage to stumble upon some new indie comics called Zindan: The Last Ansaars and Knight Seeker.


I managed to get my copy signed by the artists and the writer which basically spiraled me into becoming an artist fanboy as I oogled the amazing artwork I walked past.

Knight Seeker is another comic/novel series that I stumbled across and will have to check out!


As a sidebar, I realized that I really like the kiddie style (or Chibi) artwork that some of the artists were selling at their booths. One artist in particular called Jerry “The Franchize Live” Gaylord, had a style that I’m hoping I can save up for to make logo art for the Geekswagg Crew. Go check out his work!

Jerry Gaylord

Moving right along, other artist and things visited were discussed in my wrapup video such as the Dark Horse Comics Panel about Aliens and its 35th Anniversary this year. For quite some time I’ve been a big Aliens fan. I recall my father taking my entire family to see the original movie in the theatre. While I was terrified of it back then, I somehow developed a love of the franchise (except for Alien 3 of course). I collected the comic books for a little while but mostly stuck to the Steve Perry novels. It was there that my true fandom grew and morphed into an “I can watch ALIENS everyday for the rest of my life” status!

The panel however focused upon the various series of Aliens, Predator, AvP, and other iterations that have been born out of Dark Horse Comics over those years. It was quite interesting to see that the Batman vs. collaborations were revisited often. I’m certain those comics are worth quite a bit. I tried to go and see if a vendor had graphic novel collections of these but none did at a good price.

Lastly, I went to a Robotech panel where a lot of news was revealed about the Robotech universe. Robotech Tactics RPG sounds like yet another cool mech tabletop RPG that I might want to look into (with whom I have NO idea mind you). Then they showed off the trailer for Robotech:Love Live Alive which I’m certain many hardcore fans already knew about (I didn’t).

After attending that panel and getting all of the cosplay that I could stand, I hung up my NYCC shorts for the day and drove home!