Catori Crawford aka Angie Martinez is an eight year old  star in the making. The Invaders Series: Angie’s Log is an impressively fun trip into the well known reaches of sci-fi movie tropes and easter eggs. The  magnetic onscreen performance wields comedy suitable for kids her own age as well as adults as she takes us all on a journey to save the world from aliens like no other kid has done before!

She’s Heeeeeeere!!!!!!!!

Filmed as a kind of personal journal, Angie Martinez ‘vlogs’ her experiences as she is abducted by aliens and subsequently gifted psychokinetic and telepathic powers that would make Neo and Luke Skywalker jealous.  The series plays out in a family oriented fashion that even adults can appreciate as their children enjoy in bite sized pieces.

“I wanted to do a web series that was fun to watch. Something easy to look at even if it was hard to make…When I first started developing the project I had an ensemble of characters broken into two groups, whom each witness and subsequently react to the arrival of the Invaders in different ways. As they went about trying to warn people of the coming invasion, they were also doing their best not to get killed or captured.    

When Marti Davis and I started developing the show we realized what a huge undertaking it would be to produce a reoccurring episodic show on that scale with little or no money. So we decided to take one of the characters and tell her origin story, similar to Batman Begins, in order to build an audience.” – Mark Cabaroy (creator, writer, and director) 

As the story moves along, the attractiveness of the show really builds as Angies’ experimentation with her newfound powers and her clearly God given supreme intelligence pull you along effortlessly in easy to digest bite sized little 2 minutes chunks. After hearing the director’s statement about the kind of project that he REALLY wants to do, it is clear that the show is to build an audience for a more traditional style movie or show featuring this little starlet.


As I visited the show’s  booth at the New York Comic Convention, it was instantly clear that Catori was a little geeky spark-plug. Bouncing around from photo op to greeting the fans as they walked by, I was drawn in by her fearless attitude to the spotlight. Even as I spoke with the producer of the show Marti Davis about the show’s accolades and achievements, Catori pranced about the booth with her co-star Catherine Manett (All My Children and Showtimes’ The Big C) handing out autographs and showing why casting her in the role was a foregone conclusion. As I looked into her background as a singer and dancer, I also noticed that she is a NJ transplant from my homestate of NC (by way of Durham)!

As she tinkered and crafted her Nerf Atomizer in Episode 6, I could see my own 9 year old son’s giggling and getting wide-eyed in my mind. They LOVE Nerf guns and their little imaginations would go wild pretending that their own Nerf Pulse Rifles could defend the earth from the likes of these Invaders.

With a host of award nominations, this show and its cast are building steam. I can’t wait to see where the addition of Beth (Catherine’s character) takes the show! Hopefully it means we’ll see some longer episodes! Of course, that all depends on the fans so go and check them out now!

The Invaders Web Series Cast with Heed Geekswagg's Bunneh3000