Bunneh returns to NYCC! I was thrilled to step back into the musk us geeks know and love called NYCC.

Even before reaching the Javits Center, you could see all of the custom Star Wars and Batman outfits all migrating to the same locale. Onlookers from cars and cabs would point and stare, and nearby construction workers would comment and grade each costumed geek that came across their path. It’s Comic-Con 2014 baby!

So, it’s been since 2012 that I’ve been to NYCC and this is honestly only the third one that I’ve been to. Still, a part of me feels like either the show floor was a little empty or maybe I was just expecting more gaming publishers to be present. I know what you’re thinking, “But this is COMIC-con!” Still, my experience with a few shows had a lot more to experience. Maybe it was just that I’m not into some of the anime based and JRPG games that were actually there like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Tales of Zestiria. Apparently, TellTale Games was there showing off their Borderlands game as a preview but I TOTALLY missed that. I know last year I was feverishly looking to try to attend thinking that the next gen consoles would be in attendance yet later found out that they were not. They were mostly absent from the show floor this year as well.

I noticed Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, and well, that may be about it. Bandai Namco had a sweet single player demo of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. They also had a Lords of the Fallen Demo that if survived without dying would score you a free T-shirt.  There’s no big shiny Nintendo booth showing off new and upcoming games and no massive booth displaying the next big MMO. Squaresoft and Capcom were there yet both booths seem more focused on their toy and collectables this year. That’s great for collectors but somewhat disappointing for digi-geeks like myself.

(courtesy of gamenguide.com)
(courtesy of gamenguide.com)

Also, instead of a massive Lego booth showcasing new videogames as well as upcoming themed sets, there’s only a Bionicle booth that pales in comparison to the respectable Mega Blocks booth.

As I strolled around the show floor, the most startling view was that of the WETA shop. Fully themed with The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings statues, figures, and art, this booth was massive and impressive. With a huge Smaug head that slowly winked with glowing eyes, a part of me was awaiting for smoke or mist to appear from the nose. Oddly enough, that was really the only impressive booth that there was.

Cirque Du Soleil was also in attendance with their KÀ  show in Las Vegas being promoted. They are also striking out with a colorful Marvel20141009_144024
 comic book that will expand upon the storyline that the show presents. My sister had seen the show before and was astounded by the moving stage and the martial arts display that accompanied the dramatic music and costumes that their shows are always known for. The booth showcased a little bit about the behind the scenes process of the show for the costumes and the props.

Later on, the highlight of my day, I stumbled upon Erika Alexander (Living Single, Cosby Show, Deja Vu) and her artistic husband Tony Puryear (Eraser) at the Dark Horse Comics booth. I was hoping to get an interview with the couple concerning their new comic book called Concrete Park which is currently at about issue 2. I read the first issue and was a little bit interested in the sci-fi gang war storyline. My sister was a little disillusioned by the fact that minorities in the future still have to be in gangs and criminals in this book though. We are both curious to see where this story leads the characters and if there is some kind of embedded social commentary lodged deep in the symbolism or characters or story somehow. We’ll see…

concrete-park-1-coverAnother impressive booth that I walked by was the Wacom Intuos Pro booth. There I watched a number of amateur artists create some impressive digital pencil styled artwork with their professional creative pen & touch table. I’m sure there are plenty of these on the market but for some reason the tech looked really impressive. It really made me wish I was talented enough to warrant having one!

Later on I managed to get in a quick session of Disney’s Fantasia Music Evolved. Once again, the music and the DJ styled antics that the game throws in drew decent crowds as the game played. The problem I had with the game was that the gestures used were more like a conductor of an orchestra. With a few punches to mix things up, the actually graphical queues that the game uses don’t really offer a very visually appealing game as you play. There were a few interesting shapes that would pop up here and there but overall, it wasn’t as appealing as the Rock Band games are. I don’t see this game keeping people’s interest despite the interesting way it allows you to ‘create’ your own offering to the song’s remixed style track.


Another presentation was going on elsewhere on the showfloor as well. When I approached it I was treated to an announcement concerning The Marvel Experience. Considered 4D Marvel show that is so big that it has to take place on a fairgrounds sized venue, the announcement explained that the show will have a number of heroes and villains but will NOT be tied to the movies. Thankfully, it will be affordable (under $40) and will have ‘pulse admittance’ to basically eliminate lines. It will be interesting to see what this ‘roaming show’ will have in store considering it is totally separate from the Marvel Live show.


So much to do and so little time! We’ll see what Day 2 brings!