The illest geeks you’ll ever meet, BJ “Bunneh3000“, Jason “DirtyHelmet”, and Makeda “The Grim Phreaker” have finally recovered from life and Comic-con enough to feed the masses with all the geekdom they could muster!

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This episode, the crew talks about DirtyHelmet’s shiny new Arctic Blast Destiny Edition PS4, the woes of video game trade-in value, the amazing fun that is to be had in Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, anticipation for The Evil Within, and …of course New York Comic-Con 2014!

That’s right, Bunneh3000 and The Grim Phreaker met in person for the first time at this grand geek event and oddly enough, they both had similar ‘feels’ about the state of the convention. Come and listen to the high’s and low’s they both had with this year’s epic comic, gaming, movie, anime, geek convention!

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