Marvel is clearly enjoying their cinematic universe success as Guardians of the Galaxy reaches the $700 million mark making it Marvel’s new number 3 top grossing film of all time worldwide. With that, Marvel has been making big moves to make certain they capitalize on the new Marvel boom in their comics. They’ve made the black hero known as Falcon as the new Captain America. The newest rendition of Thor is now a woman. The new Ms. Marvel is a 16 year old Muslim girl from Jersey. Wolverine is going to actually die! All of this and the Marvel Universe is set up for a host of new story arcs and possibilities that are sure to stun, amaze, and (unfortunately) infuriate.


Yes, there’s fanboy controversy due to these moves but the fact of the matter is that these bold diverse changes offer a huge number of directions to take old and epic storylines that were done in the past. Marvel is quickly launching in these new directions and have begun unveiling a number of new ‘reboots’ of old story arcs. Take a look see!

For myself (so far) the news of “Years of Future Past” is probably the biggest. Having seen the modest live action rendition of “Days of Future Past” in the latest X-men movie, it will be interesting to see how this fan favorite epic story arc is reimagined! Can’t wait for more news of what Marvel is up to!