Grand Theft Auto V was one of those epic games released last year the showed off the amazing prowess of the previous generation of gaming consoles as well as the amazing storytelling and gameplay prowess of Rockstar. The acclaim for GTA V was well deserved and whether people liked or disliked the story, there was a TON of content available that continued to grow and grow as GTA Online was built up with free updates and community designed jobs. It looks like Trevors ugly mug is gonna return in grand pyschotic fashion on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One soon with even more content as well.

Rockstar is without a doubt one of the elite developers of our time. We’re a year after one of the fastest selling titles in gaming history and they are set to significantly increase those sales numbers yet again. But they aren’t satisfied with just giving you the same game with slightly better framerates and graphics. Oh no my violent criminal-minded friends. They are gifting new and returning users with a host of new vehicles, weapons, radio station songs, and other content to make exploring Los Santos even more addictive than before! For those of us who never beat the first one and were hesitant to return, they are also providing the ability to continue your game save on one platform of your choice. That’ll be great for me because I, as always, got caught up in driving around and finding and tricking out new cars and vehicles to stash in my garage.

On the weapon side of things, the railgun and the hatchet are beautiful additions to the arsenal. The railgun will make those random assaults on the Air Force base quite interesting. Tank…meet railgun! Also, Trevor would cry tears of drug induced berserker raged joy over the addition of another melee weapon to play with. Running around with hatchet in hand just seems like an opportunity for a Halloween themed Trevor mission! A part of me feels like that probably won’t be all either. Rockstar has a habit of supporting their great games for quite some time so even after this November I expect we’ll see more to follow.

The Imponte Duke O'Death

On the ill vehicle side of things, GTA V will have a monster truck (named the Cheval Marshall), a Death Proof style muscle car called Imponte Duke O’Death, a blimp, a seaplane, the Kraken Sub, stock car racers, and a host of new ‘classic’ GTA vehicles to steal and trick out!

Rockstar is even gifting players with $1M in bonus GTA cash to use half on GTA Online and half in the Story mode to keep your San Andreas dreams going! So, still have questions? Well, Rockstar has you covered there as well. Check out the Q&A.

This is most assuredly a great reason to return to the city we all know and love. And if you haven’t visited, this is definitely a reason to go! November 18th… be ready.