The holiday season is upon us and I’m sure we’ll all be eating good this Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It is important to remember, however, that once the food is gone, the pounds are still there. Research has shown that most Americans never really lose the weight they gain during the holiday season, making holiday weight a crucial factor in adult obesity. As a way to encourage our readers to be proactive this holiday season and onward, Heed caught up with Herbalist and raw food specialist A.D. Dolphin, founder and CEO of Dherbs. A.D.’s latest product, the Dherbs Holiday Cleanse, is a 10-day holiday cleanse focusing on healthy and delicious ways to detox your body from toxins and rid your system of impurities that naturally build up over time. In this very enlightening interview, we learned the importance of detoxing and why so many of the life-threatening diseases we encounter in the African American communities are prevalent. Read the full length interview and start your journey to healthier living!

Mike Sanford: AD, how are you?

AD Dolphin: Everything’s great.

MS: Thank you for giving us this time and for chatting with Heed Magazine.

AD: My pleasure!

MS: So, we know the holidays are coming up, and everyone’s ready to eat and indulge! But, you have created this special Holiday cleanse! Can you tell us why we need to detox?

AD: Well, because of what we eat and what we drink. Let’s start off with what we drink as far as alcohol, Kool-Aid and things like that. Also, the things that you put on your skin; and a lot of times people don’t realize that whatever you put on your skin, you should actually be able to consume. So, therefore all of the lotions and all of that stuff, technically your body is consuming it. That’s one of the reasons why we should definitely cleanse, because of all of the toxins and all of the pollution that we’re putting into our bodies. The air that we breathe is not as clean as it used to be back when our grandparents were younger.

MS: I know their are a lot of detoxification programs out there. What makes your detox more unique than the others?

AD: Great question! Our detox is going to cleanse your entire body. That’s all of your eliminative channels: your gallbladder, your heart, your liver, your colon, your spleen, your kidneys, your lungs, your adrenal glands, your blood and your skin. So, it’s going to flush out all of the impurities in all of those particular areas. Also, our cleanse wants you to eat a raw food diet. A lot of times when people are cleansing or doing a certain cleanse, especially a commercial cleanse they don’t want to instruct them on what they can’t eat because they think it will make them not want to do it. Basically, they don’t want to lose the sale. But, I could care less about people’s feelings, I’m trying to make people healthy so they can actually go to work and get up in the morning. So, therefore we want them to only eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds throughout the process. Obviously you can’t eat the same foods that gave you the notion to cleanse, during your cleanse.


MS: That was actually one of my next questions, what can you eat? Because when I think about a cleanse, I’m always like what do you eat?

AD: Well, yeah some people have these special concoctions and they’re lugging around these jugs and all that other stuff. Ours is not like that, basically we want you to eat everything that God put on this planet…a raw food diet. You can also juice.

MS: Now, when also thinking about a cleanse does it matter how long you do it? Can it be like a 3-day cleanse, or the longer you do it the better it is?

AD: Well it depends on what’s going into the cleanse, so that’s kind of hard to speak from. But I always tell people it takes 21-days to break a habit. What I mean by habit, are things that are consuming. We’re actually addicted to those things. Sugar we’re addicted to, eating a certain way we’re addicted to and a lot of times, even the things we’re eating we learn from our parents. So, you never got a chance to pick what you ate.

MS: So, can you speak to some of the diseases that are prevalent in the African American community because of the lack of detoxing.

AD: Let me give you a little information. So, the number one additive in pretty much everything we eat is sugar. When you think about sugar and how prevalent it is in our community, you actually have about 1/3 of the U.S. population has diabetes. And if you break it down even further it’s really affecting black people in general.

MS: In your experience have you noticed a lot of African Americans doing the detox?

AD: Well, now they are. I think because it’s trendy. People are now starting to move into that direction. I even notice that soul food is kind of moving out and eating healthier is moving in. You’re starting to see more people of color when you go to places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes…

MS: So, in thinking about the Holiday cleanse, why is it important and what are some of the special drinks and things you have geared towards the Holiday?

AD: Basically, between Thanksgiving and Christmas people gain about  60% of their weight throughout the year. So, if you were going to gain 10 pounds in the year, you usually gain about 6 pounds throughout that period. So that’s why it’s so important right now to keep those things in mind and just make better decisions! On our website, we have tons of recipes. Sometimes when people are cleansing they feel like they’re going to miss out. So, we’ve been featuring on our website a pumpkin protein smoothie, to give people the feel of Thanksgiving. Something good tasting that you can have during the cleanse.

MS: So, can you give your top 2 pieces of advice for staying healthy on a budget? Some people will say it’s kind of intimidating to be healthy or it’s too expensive…

AD:  You know what I tell people when they say that? We’ll take the time to go buy Jordans…

MS: You’re right…

AD: They cost about $200, or we’ll go buy Red Bottoms which are around $700 on the low end, but when it comes to things that we put in our bodies we’ll run to a fast food place. I just think that’s kind of unfair to your body. Without your body and without your health, you can’t perform.  So, everybody has to switch their thinking as far as that goes.

MS: Can you talk about the cleanse as it relates to men’s health specifically?

AD: Absolutely, for the men out there just by doing the cleanse it’s going to increase your circulation. And what I mean by that is your libido.

MS: Absolutely… [laughs]

AD: Your male hormonal system is built on circulation. And guess what, if that’s not going well, you’re not going to be the best you can be!


MS: That’s the best advice I’ve gotten all day! [Laughs] So, going back to the cleanse. After you complete the cleanse, what do you do food wise?

AD: That’s a great question! I always tell people, once you do the cleanse what’s going to enlighten you is different foods. You might come across something that you love during the cleanse. For me, when I did the cleanse for the first time, I was drinking 2 2-Liters of soda per day. I loved soda at the time! After the cleanse, I realized I loved smoothies and that became a habit for me. What also happens is once you complete the cleanse, it’s such a sense of accomplishment that when it comes down to reaching for that cupcake, you’re like ‘well, maybe not’. The more and more you cleanse the more it becomes a habit, therefore it changes your lifestyle. And that’s what we really want to do. We really have to pass that information on to the youth because we get our eating habits from our parents. Also, just to mention that high blood pressure and diabetes are hereditary. No, what’s hereditary are your eating habits. If you eat the same way your parents ate and you have the same genetics, you’re going to be more prone to those same afflictions.  If your parents ate that way and you were a vegan from day one, you’re not going to have diabetes!

MS: So, when I think of a cleanse, I usually think of drinks. What actually comes with your particular cleanse package?

AD: Well, it’s seven different herb products. Six of them are in bottles and one package of activated charcoal.

MS: Charcoal?

AD: Activated charcoal, it’s really just carbon. Just to give you an idea of what it is, let’s say you were to overdose on something, when you get to a hospital that’s actually the first thing they give you. It pulls all of the poison out of your gut, and then they pump your stomach. We use it in the same way. If you took an aspirin five years ago, all of the pharmaceutical and even recreational drug residue still exists in your body unless you know how to clean it out.

MS: Really?

AD: Absolutely! 

MS: Any final thoughts?

AD: We tend to only do things when we are actually afflicted by it. We don’t operate from the point of view of taking preventative measures. We have to be a little more conscious of that!

Dherbs Product pic

For more information on A.D. Dolphin and Dherbs and to purchase your Dherbs Holiday Cleanse,visit!