Center Stage NYC 2 is the second installment of a concert series hosted by internationally known DJ Cadillac Jack; and it’s the second time this year he brought together some of the city’s hottest music talent, first creating a compilation mixtape and then showcasing each individual artist on the same stage. The event was organized by ChristMirr Enterprise and was held at the famed Tribeca night club Santos Party House. Among the list of official sponsors was Crème de la Silk who provided the 200-plus audience with tasty liquor infused cupcakes.

Alongside DJ Cadillac Jack was special celebrity guest DJ Envy of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, who shared the responsibility of introducing more than a dozen acts representing several music genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggaeton. Record label executives, invited press, music enthusiasts as well as friends and family alike, filled the venue where they had all convened to watch rising stars perform. Some notable performers were Brooklyn rapper Don Slay, Reggaeton sensation Flama, and R&B standout Bryan Poe’t.

For many of its participants, Center Stage has provided a platform that allows individuals in the entertainment industry to build and foster new relationships. “It’s also a way for me to step outside the DJ booth and show people a different side of me,” says Jack, whose parents are from the Cape Verde Islands.

“Being a DJ I’ve always worked with independent artists whether it was hosting mixtapes, DJing open mics or playing there music on my radio shows,” he adds. “I thought it would be cool to do an independent mixtape followed by a live showcase featuring artists I felt were hot and deserved a chance to shine in front of music lovers and industry professionals. What better place to do it than the world’s entertainment capital NYC!”


Center Stage 2 was held in a larger venue and brought out twice as many people as did the first event nine months ago. The roster of artists also grew and was more diverse in music genre. “It was bigger and deafer this time around,” jokes Jack.

Born Jack Santos in Providence, RI, DJ Cadillac Jack has performed in New York City, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Boston and Philly with an elite group of artists including Lupe Fiasco, Wu-Tang Clan, Elephant Man, The LOX, The Clipse and The Game. He’s also spun records outside of the U.S. having been featured on a series of international tours and festivals with well-known international artists. He was a DJ at Strela Festival in Cape Verde and at Kizomba Swimming Festival in Paris. But before he would venture out overseas, Jack’s love for music began much closer to home.

“My aunt had a radio show in Rhode Island for years,” he begins to explain. “She started taking me with her when I was about eight years old. I used to help her cue up the songs and she would even let me say a few words on air. I would say that was when I got my start in music.”

Jack, 33, has been a disc jockey for now 16 years and bought his first set of turntables while he was still at Davies Career & Tech High School. He later began hosting college radio shows while attending Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

“My journey has been great,” he says. “I’ve gone from DJing in my bedroom, to DJing college parties, to DJing clubs and festivals in different countries. It’s been a lot of hard work, sacrifice and failed attempts but it’s all been worth it. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey for many more years to come.”

Jack admits that it’s not an easy road but vows not to change course. He’s right where he wants to be.

“The most challenging part about the business would probably be investing in you and not knowing if it’s going to come back. You have to spend money to make money in any business. Also, the frustration of hearing ‘no’ can be discouraging sometimes but it’s something you have to accept and get used to. Not everyone is going to understand your vision.”

Considering himself an all-around entertainer, Jack currently serves as a tour DJ, club DJ, personality and producer. To add to an already pretty busy schedule, he says that he’s working on a few exciting new things for the upcoming year.

“In 2015 I’ll be dropping my first official single and video! I have a few more things up my sleeve, but I’m not sure exactly what else I want to release next. I also plan on bringing my personality to radio and television.”

Jack has a lot going for himself and his persistence and perseverance throughout his career in the music business has served him well. While his next move is still undetermined it’s almost certain that he will continue rising. Meet him at the next Center Stage.