Halo 5 Guardians’ multiplayer beta is almost upon us. A Reddit user by the name of “TheLittleMoa” has reinforced that Master Chief infused anticipation with a screenshot of the beta menu. After a confirmation of the screen with 343 Industries, it seems that this post holiday season is going to be filled with vacation-happy gamers delving into the interwebs to ‘nadeshot’ friends and foes alike. Halo 5 is coming, and the beta, even sooner!


Scheduled to begin December 29th and run until January 18th (that’s three whole weeks of Spartan punching fun people), the Halo 5 multiplayer beta is set to debut new Spartan abilities looking to shake up the typical Halo formula.

In an video explaining the new abilities, movements that are added to Spartan prowess shadow multiplayer games of late. In other words, there will be Call of Duty Advanced Warfare slash Titanfall movement where the jetpacks provide quick boosts and sprinting is unlimited. In the video it is described as old Halo having three layers of weapon, melee, and grenades to take down their foes. They are planning on adding a fourth layer. One such maneuver is the ‘Destiny ground pound’ which looks to be a new melee attack. While sprinting, once you reach a certain speed you are granted a couple of different maneuvers. Hitting the crouch sends you into the ‘Call of Duty slide’ (bear with me… this is just where I noticed these movements first. It’s not an actual indication of which game incorporated these moves first). Hitting the melee button sends you into a shoulder rush attack. Of course, utilizing either of these maneuvers cancels your shield temporarily due to usage of the boosters though.


There’s also ‘clambering’ where you no longer have to land feet first on an edge. Instead, you can hit a button to have your Spartan climb onto that surface. Then there is the Smart Scope which is applied to all weapons. This is for the precision hound in you whether using a semi or fully automatic weapon, you now have a choice.

Seeing the behind the scenes vid also showed off the process of 343 Industries utilizing Pro players during their testing to work out kinks and eliminate unfair advantages with maps and system balance. It makes sense considering those players are experts at quickly looking for ways to be and stay on top given ANY sandbox they are thrown into. Some people are just good at that quick thinking process and that’s what seperates them from me!



The beta will be available automatically to those Halo loving souls that purchased The Master Chief Collection. Additional beta players will probably be added but it remains to be seen what that process will be or when it will start. Halo 5 Guardians will probably be out holiday season of 2015.