Ioan Delice first discovered his obsession with music at the tender age of 12, influenced by the Motown sound of The Temptations and iconic artists of the 1980s such as the late Michael Jackson. His love for music is neither coincidental nor is it a mistake. It’s instead a rather appropriate feature since it runs in his bloodline. His father was a DJ and his cousin a producer. It was only a matter of time before he found his way into the family ties.

“I was always around music,” explains the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper. “At some point I started writing to music and it was just fun for me. And then I realized that I really like doing it.”

During his senior year of high school, Ioan (pronounced Yo-An) released his first ever recording project titled Silent Spring. He says that the record was driven by heartbreak and the raw emotions he harbored while working through his moment of pain.

“Most artists aren’t in touch with their emotional side,” says the French/Haitian emcee. “There’s so much opinion, that people are afraid to put themselves out there. Me, I just follow my heart. The music speaks to me and whatever it is I’m feeling I just put it to words.”

Ioan demonstrates his song approach best in a recent track called “In The Rain” where he describes the depths he’s willing to go to prove his love. He begins the song with a soft spoken poem while strokes of a keyboard create a harmonious melody.

“I just want to be great,” he says of his ultimate goal. “I want people to hear me. I want to do what I do and be happy about it.”

As for New Year resolutions, Ioan says that he’s stopped waiting for the New Year and instead focuses on doing better in life every day. “I just want to try to love everything, even if it doesn’t love me back.”

He’s currently working on his forthcoming project 52 Hertz which is slated to release in 2015. Stay tuned.

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