Sony has been testing out their PS3 game streaming service, Playstation Now, on the masses for a little while now. When first announced, the buzz and interest was high. With the PS4s selling like crazy and gamers looking to reduce their physical console footprint, gamers were hoping for some kind of backwards capability solution to be announced. The Playstation Now streaming service initially seemed to be the answer…until the initial pricing strategy completely frustrated those hopefuls.

During the initial release of the open beta, Sony decided to price the rentals of the available games at  three rental duration options: 4 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. As stated by Sony, the rental durations can actually fluctuate from title to title based upon direction from the developers that choose to participate. Oddly enough, the 30 day rental prices would often rival prices to purchase a used copy of the PS3 game outright. Ridiculous, of course, if you have a PS3.

playstation now sub

As this beta has continued and the outrage voiced, Sony has recently decided to introduce a rental subscription program that provides access to a given list of 100s of games (much like an Onlive PlayPack subscription would) priced at $19.99 a month or $44.99 for 3 months. As it stands, no yearly subscription pricing but I’m certain there few that would buy into a whole new yearly subscription that is higher than Playstation Plus at this point. Initially the subscription service will only be available for the PS4 while other enabled devices (PS Vita, PS TV, etc) will be given access in the future.


With that said, users will notice that the availability of these games will be up to the developers that decide to participate. This will probably mean that titles will become available and unavailable over time depending on the developer’s wishes. Then some titles will only be available for single rentals and not for the subscription service as well.

Check the listing of the available games here.