Koei Tecmo, hack and slash juggernauts as they are, has decided to delay the release of Bladestorm: Nightmare until March 17th, 2015. As it stands, the game is set to be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PS3 (digital only) platforms.



For those of you who know nothing of this game, Bladestorm:Nightmare is a fantasy styled fictional expansion/remake of the Bladestorm: A Hundred Years’ War. Kind of modeled in a faster paced style of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, this real time tactics strategy game revisits one of the lengthiest and most politically unstable periods in European history between England and France between 1337-1453. Done in a fashion that only Koei Tecmo can, these battles and maps clearly are kindred spirits with the rest of developer Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors titles. Still, as gameplay has been shown, the focus of this title is moreso on strategy and tactics rather than superhuman generals immune to friendly fire attacks.

In the Nightmare scenarios however, the forces of England and France have banded together as they are onset by demonic forces. The player is given control of a mercenary force in command of fantasy creatures determined to beat back the demons and save Europe. In addition to all that was featured in the original scenario, Nightmare adds a create a player function along with a host of new units and simultaneous control of up to 4 units.

bladestorm gameplay

As I watched gameplay and footage of this game I couldn’t help but be reminded of the immense fun of one of my all time favorite games Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. While that game hasn’t managed to have a decent sequel or even spiritual successor, it is interesting to see that Bladestorm has this real time tactical combat. As the units encountered each other, combos, leveling up, and commander highlights popped up as everything took place. While I could not make out what depth the commander screens or pre/post battle screens held, it will be interesting to see what ‘leveling up’ units and commanders does for your forces.

It is interesting that Koei Tecmo is even revisiting this game (with western release in mind) after the release of the original game back in 2007. It is even more interesting that this title managed to make it past my radar given my affinity for Koei Tecmo titles as well.

Be sure to stay tuned for more as this one may make it into Bunneh3000’s library.