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The illest you’ll ever meet are here to increase your geek in the worlds of gaming, music, technology, comics, movies, TV, and anything else we can wrap our imaginations around!

This week Bunneh3000 goes it solo to bring you the funk that you want and deserve. Touching on the nearby gaming releases this January and leading onto his thoughts on all things he geeks out over. See below for the topics and a slammin playlist courtesy of the Geekswagg crew!

Gaming Topics



Come and see why Bunneh3000 loves and wishes Dragon Age Inquisition was better.


Bunneh + Bladestorm Nightmare and why

bladestorm gameplay

Bunneh3000 explains why he feels that Bladestorm Nightmare could be the second coming of a personal fav game Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.


TV Topics


Empire – Pilot show on Fox

Bunneh3000 talks about his impressions of the show’s recent debut on Fox and how it seems to be off to a great start.

Adv in Bungineering

Bunneh3000 breaks it down again to reveal the definition of 4D printing  and how this research could change EVERYTHING.

Music related:

Prince Alan Light Lets Go Crazy


Let’s Go Crazy – By Alan Light

Yes, Bunneh can read and recently he began reading this insightful book about one of his fav artists (Prince) and his improbable hit movie Purple Rain. With this year marking the 31st anniversary of the movie, come and listen as Bunneh3000 takes a trip back to 1984-85.

jazmine sullivan
Jazmine Sullivan is one of those soul artists with a voice that can’t be imitated and legends like Stevie Wonder and Missy Elliott have been quick to jump on her band wagon. After getting tired of the music industry and taking a 3 year break after releasing 3 albums with luke-warm response, Jazmine Sullivan is back with a powerful and personal new effort.



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