Today, we celebrate the life, legacy, and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his ability to walk in purpose, ultimately leading into the life of equality that we now live today.  Dr. King had a Dream, as so many of us do, and he was willing to put his life on the line to see his dream fulfilled.  And it has done just that.

Norris EJ Jackson is a Christian Artist who also had a dream, but at times faced major adversity. However, as he matured, and began to understand his purpose in life, he began to accept himself for who God created him to be, inspiring him to write and produce his new single, “When He Made Me”.

In the new inspirational track Norris sings, “When He made me, I was created with a purpose, and to think, I am apart of his whole plan, yes indeed. God gave me everything that I need when He made me”.  The song speaks to the importance of knowing your worth, and knowing that you were created with a purpose!

“Dr. King’s fight was deeper than equality. It was about people’s freedom to walk into their purpose, and live the life that God created them to live…which is why I wanted to encourage people through this song to walk into their purpose!” – Norris EJ Jackson

Check out “When He Made Me”