Heed recently caught up with Swedish born R&B crooner and Slip-N-Slide Records artist, Sebastian Mikael. Having released his debut album SPEECHLESS last year, he has been touring extensively in the states and overseas and has developed a sound all his own. Now as he continues promoting his debut project, he’s working on new music and visuals that will be sure to keep his fans ‘speechless’ in 2015!

Mike Sanford: How did you get started in music?

Sebastian Mikael: I started when I was in college. I started putting out Youtube videos. One of the videos actually became pretty successful. It’s for a song called “Beautiful Life” which is on my album as well. I also put out a mixtape that did pretty well in the college market and we did a lot of college parties. That was my start and we learned how to function independently. We saw how the Internet could really spark your career and build something for you. So after doing it about a year, I put my first official video out in June 2011 and was signed to Slip-N-Slide by December 2011. When we signed we just knew we were going to take it to the next level. It was a long process and it was harder than what I thought, but finally I put out my first single in 2013 and from there we released the debut album.

MS: What inspired your latest project?

SM: My journey and everything I’ve gone through. The whole process for me coming over here by myself from Sweden and doing what I’m doing…I don’t think I’ve made it yet, but I did reach my dreams. I did what I always wanted to do. So, I wanted my album to be called “Speechless” because that represents all of that.

MS: Who are some of your inspirations?

SM: Growing up, Pharrell was definitely one of the people that broke a lot of barriers. He made things cool, that weren’t really cool. He was just being himself for people and I related to him because he talked about sticking to himself and doing the music he wanted to do. He was neglected, but stuck with what he did and became an icon. I’m very inspired by my mom. She’s a creative as well; she designs clothes. She’s Ethiopian, so she came from Ethiopia when she was a teen and basically started a new life and built everything for herself and by herself. The things she went through and the things she saw, I just learn so much from her.


MS: Who are some of your peers in the industry that you are inspired by?

SM: I think Tinashe is a really cool artist. I think she’s a dope new artist and I like the way she sticks to her roots. She’s half African and she really embraces that in her music. You only know that if you buy her album and really buy into her. She’s different and she’s not afraid to show that she’s not trying to be regular and cliché with it.

MS: What can we expect from your new music and visuals?

SM: To be honest, everything is becoming better. Everything is coming together the way I want it to come together. I feel like I’m becoming better and am doing more music and visuals the way I want to make it.

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